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Keeping Track

This is part of the September Writing Challenge from The Fitness Cheerleader

Day 6 How do you log your eating and/or workouts?

Right now, they are being logged into Weight Watchers online. In the past I have also used MyFitnessPal to record my workouts and calories. I also like to track workout days in my personal calendar by putting a star on each day I work out. It’s an easy way to see how often I’m exercising and any patterns that emerge; things like not exercising certain times of the year or certain days I often skip a workout.

I always wear either my Polar or Garmin watch/HRM when I work out, so I can easily look back and see when/how long/how hard I workout out.



How do you track your workouts?


Where I Sweat

Day 5 Share pictures of your favorite place to workout


My number one favorite place to work out is definitely outside, where I get to run past these guys.



When running/walking outside isn’t a possibility I head to the gym, which is pretty fantastic. It’s pretty new so all the equipment is in amazing shape and pretty high-tech. I also tend to go to a lot of classes as well.


BodyCombat, from the spring launch, I’m all the way on the right in blue.



Sneaking a pic in the fitness studio before a class.

When I lived near Chicago I loved going for runs on the local forest preserve trails, but sadly there isn’t anything like that here. The closest thing is a park with a 1.2 mile (hilly) loop. It is really pretty though, and I think I’ll make it a fall goal to run out there more often.


Where is your favorite place to work out?

What a Week

Day 4 Describe your typical training schedule for a week

The last few weeks my training schedule has been anything but typical. Getting back to school – and working full-time to boot – has been a strange adjustment to make. It’s been 2 years since I taught full-time, and I’ve never taught general music. Teaching band was definitely easier to plan and prep for!

Here’s what will hopefully become my new “regular” training schedule:

Monday – class at gym, either BodyAttack or BodyPump + run

Tuesday – BodyCombat class

Wednesday – BodyPump + run or BodyCombat

Thursday – rest or easy cardio

Friday – run

Saturday  – BodyPump and/or run

Sunday – rest

If you didn’t notice, I love taking fitness classes. During the school year especially they make my workouts no brainers. I don’t have to think or plan more than penciling the class into my schedule. The instructor will take care of the rest.

Thursday isn’t my preferred rest day, but due to staff meetings after school and community concert band rehearsal at night it doesn’t leave a lot of time for gym+shower+dinner between. Oh well.

I’m not really training for any races right now, just trying to build my mileage back up and lose some weight in the process. I’m hoping for a spring half marathon, which seems so far away. Short term I’d like to be ready for my local Turkey Trot 10k on (duh) Thanksgiving.

Over the summer I started the New Rules of Lifting for Women program but with school starting I haven’t really lifted in about 3 weeks. I do plan to get back into it soon, as I was seeing gains in strength even in Phase 1.

August Writing Challenge Day 11

{This is part of The Fitness Cheerleader’s August writing challenge.}

Sooo…I’ve gotten a little bit behind in posting. Life got a bit crazy this week, but I’m hoping to catch up a bit this weekend. Hopefully.

Name a famous person that you would like to workout with.

Hmm..this is a little difficult. I’ve only really been “into” fitness and running for a few years and don’t have too many fitness celebs  that I look up to. The Olympics, however, have exposed me to so many amazing athletes, most of whom I’d never heard of or seen in action before.

I would love to go running with Kara Goucher – maybe not quite so fast though. She had a baby just 2 years ago and finished 10th in the Olympic Marathon. Amazing.

Alyson Felix also seems like she’d be fun to run with. Even though she’s a hardcore Olympian she runs and wins with a smile on her face.

When I work out, I usually have the intention of pushing myself farther than I personally have gone before. I like to think of what I’m working towards – stronger muscles, a faster mile, a lower number on the scale. In the end, that’s all that really matter, right? Being able to push and motivate yourself?

Your turn: who would you most like to work out with?

August Writing Challenge Day 2


Do you workout in the morning or at night? Why?

The answer to this really depends on the time of year. During the school year I generally work out after work – around 4:00ish. I love it because the gym hasn’t gotten too busy yet so I don’t have to fight for machines or weave through tons of people in the weight room. Unless I’m going to an evening class, then things get all out of order.

During the summer I try to get my workout in earlier in the day. this doesn’t always happen, but I try my best. Sometimes it’s really easy to get sucked into the Today Show and writing/playing on the computer.

The past few months I’ve been working at the gym part-time, so I usually work out after my shift. Saves me an extra trip and a little time, and I’m usually pretty motivated after watching others work out for a few hours. When I do this I have to make sure I bring a snack since it’ll have been 4-5 hours since my last meal.

Towards the end of last school year I started working out (early) in the morning, waking up by 5am. while it was nice having so much time after school, I don’t think I could turn this into an everyday kind of thing. it is nice to know that I can make it work when I have evening commitments and won’t have time, or don’t want to, work out later.

Saturdays and Sundays it really depends. if I’m running I try to get out the door by 9am so I have the rest of the day to relax, run errands, or do stuff around the house. Sundays often become my rest days and I try to take the time to plan out my upcoming week – meals, workouts, etc.

So, there’s a quite drawn out answer to a seemingly simple question!

What about you? When do you like to fit in your exercise?

August Writing Challenge Day 1

{This is part of The Fitness Cheerleader’s August writing challenge. Here’s why I’m participating.}

Your 5 favorite workout songs and why?

These change all. The. Time. I listen to music 99% of the time I work out solo. (The other 1% is podcasts or audio books). Even during classes there’s some kind of music going and I leave with one song stuck in my head. I probably change up/add/subtract music from my shuffle at least once a week.


My five current fave songs:

Call Me Maybe – Carly Rae Jepsen

I don’t know anyone who hasn’t heard this song and doesn’t start signing along – it’s just so catchy! This came on my iPod the other day when I was lifting and I caught myself mouthing the words and doing a little dance at the squat rack. Busted.

Rock My Run mixes

I first heard about Rock My Run from Katy’s blog last  summer and was hooked from the first download. They offer mixes in many different genres and lengths. They do cost $, but because I got in when they were still beta (free) I get several credits to use towards purchases each month.

We Are Young – Fun

I didn’t hear this song for a while after it came out, but it just reminds me of high school, hanging out with big groups of friends and doing crazy things (though we were never at bars and such). It’s pretty mellow but still upbeat, which is great when running.

Hold My Hand – New Found Glory

Anyone else a New Found Glory fan? I’ve been listening to them since junior high and have always loved their music. This one has a great steady pulse and catchy lyrics to sing along while running. What, you don’t do that?

Middle – Jimmy Eat World

Again, another one that takes me back to high school. Catchy beat where I can run and kind of zone out for a few minutes, keeping pace with the guitar.


Ok, so my ‘whys’ aren’t deep at all – I like catchy pop tunes when I work out. Anything more complex and my mind is working to hard and my muscles aren’t.

Also, I guarantee if you ask me this question again in a few weeks time my answers will be 100% different!


Your turn: favorite workout song of the moment?