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Weekly Menu

I’m giving myself a huge pat on the back for being able to write this post. I always start the weekend with good intentions to meal plan but it usually falls to the wayside after I get completely overwhelmed with recipes.

Weekly Menu

Breakfasts for the man: Broccoli & Sausage Egg Muffins (we sub turkey breakfast sausage for Italian) (SF + 2 WPA) or 4 points+ per muffin


Weight Watchers Best-Ever Cheesesteak Sandwiches from the May/June 2011 WW Magazine (SF + 2 WPA) or 8 points+

Skinny Girl Carbonara (SF + 4 WPA) or 16 points+

Skinny Taste Baked Potato Soup (SF + 2 WPA) or 5 points+

Skinny Taste Cilantro Lime Shrimp (SF) or 4 points+

Personal Pizzas (SF + 5 WPA) or 5 points+ for crust, additional for toppings

I also cooked a bag of chicken breast in the crock pot with some light Italian dressing to use on salads or for lunches. Also ready for the week are pre-portioned carrots and tomatoes and an overflowing bowl of fruit on the table!

We made the cheesesteak sandwiches tonight with a salad and they were so delicious! I can definitely see this one making many more appearances.

Hope you have a great week!


13 in 2013


The start of a new year always seems like such a great time to wipe the slate clean. New goals, new ambitions, fresh new calendar and planner. I look at it as a time to renew myself and forget about all the things I ‘failed’ at in the past year.

So, here are my 13 for 2013, along with a quick thought of how I’ll accomplish them.


1. Exercise at least 3 times every week (but aim for 5) – attend at least 1 fitness class in addition to my half marathon training

2. run a half marathon (my 4th!) – hopefully the Lincoln Presidential in April and/or the local one in May, using a training plan from Coach Jenny Hadfield

3. keep track of my miles run – I’m thinking I’ll just write them in my planner, the old-fashioned way, and probably do a weekly recap on the blog


4. Make eating 5 servings of fruits & veggies daily a habit – eat more salads and smoothies, track my Weight Watchers healthy checks

5. get to my “pre-living with a boy” weight – follow Weight Watchers 360 plan, track everything I eat (good, bad, & ugly), and see #1

6. try 2 new recipes a month – meal plan on the weekends, use my cookbooks more often

7. try to get at least 7 hours of sleep on school nights. that means getting to bed by 10ish.


8. blog 3 times a week – pre-write more often, spend more time writing instead of mindlessly watching TV, keep a blog journal to jot down ideas when I get them

9. read at least 2 books a month – this should be pretty easy with my new Nook. I’ll also be tracking my progress and books read on Goodreads.

10. finish knitting projects before starting new ones. I can think of at least 5 nearly finished projects off the top of my head, but there are probably more. Whoops.

11. talk to my parents and at least 1/3 siblings at least once a week – we’re pretty good about texting but it’s not the same.

12. become a better housekeeper – create a cleaning schedule and do laundry before it’s piled up 10 loads high

13. spend less, save more, and cut down on the ‘stuff’ – this is pretty straightforward. like most people I just have way too much stuff – clothes, shoes, bags, books, makeup, etc. I’m not a huge impulse buyer but I love a great deal. I need to use what I have before buying new, really think twice about new purchases, and get rid of what I no longer need/use/want.

So, there you have it. I hope to check in with these goals every month or two.

Have you made any New Years Resolutions? Share in the comments!

Perfect Topic

I think it was meant to be that I last weeks weight watcher meeting topic was my first meeting back. The past 8 weeks had apparently been focusing on Thanksgiving and how to handle the holidays. For those of us trying to lose weight the next 6 weeks can be the most stressful and difficult time of the year. As if it isn’t already, right!?!

Last weeks topic was all about why we chose to join Weight Watchers and lose weight. I didn’t get a Weekly magazine since I’m not yet a paying member, but it had a page to list all the reasons for losing weight. This definitely made me think about the reasons I started in the first place and what has brought me back to Weight Watchers and meetings. Again.

Some of my reasons:

  • I want to look good
  • I want to fit back into my clothes. Probably 50-60% of my closet is unwearable right now.
  • I want to run faster
  • I want to head off any health issues. Heart disease runs in my family and I’d like to do everything possible to combat that.
  • I want to be at my goal weight before I get pregnant. Not happening any time soon, btw. Just looking to the future.
  • I want to stop losing and maintain my goal weight. I know it’s just as difficult but I’m sick of trying to lose all the time.
  • I want to run another marathon, but that isn’t gonna happen until I lose a lot more weight.

I’ve been thinking about these reasons a lot the past few days and its helped me stay on track. I had an awesome weekend of tracking everything – even the bad stuff – and getting in a great run. I can’t wait to re-join officially on Saturday, have my first weigh-in, and get brand new plan materials.

Week 4 Weigh In & Some News

Late again, whomp whomp.

I actually did record my weigh in on Tuesday this week but never got around to writing the post.

The biggest reason I haven’t been posting this week is because I, wait for it, got a teaching job!!!

I’m not going to go into too many details, you know, for security and privacy blah blah blah. If you know me in real life then you know the specifics or can ask if you care, haha.

Weigh In: –0.4

Going the right direction at least.

I’ve made another big change in my weight loss plan this week: I rejoined Weight Watchers. It’s what helped me lose 50lbs in the first place and sets out a (fairly) easy to follow plan with lots of great tools to help. For now I’m just going with online only for three months to see if I can stick with tracking and following the plan. If I find I need more support I’ll go back to meetings, but I’m hoping that won’t be necessary.

It’s only Day 3 back on WW and already I’m feeling more in control and positive about food. I think counting and tracking calories was just driving me nuts. All those numbers were starting to swirl together and make me crazy.

When I logged back into my old profile I was able to see my entire weight loss history with Weight Watchers, which is kinda cool and sad at the same time. I can see how far I’ve come from my starting weight (almost 4 years ago – crazy). I can also see how much I’ve gained from my lowest weight which was about 2 years ago. Ugh.

Next week I’ll be again weighing (and hopefully posting) on Tuesday and also taking my measurements. I’m sure not much has changed, but it’s good to keep track.

Until next time. Peace out!

Bringing it Back


The recaps of my Weight Watchers meeting, that is. I’ve been remiss in talking about them lately, mostly because last week was my first meeting in three weeks.

This weeks topic was activity. Open-mouthed smile


Benefits of activity

  • boost results
  • critical for weight loss maintenance
  • improves health, energy, sleep, mental focus
  • encourages better food choices. (Seriously, have you ever had a kick-ass workout and then wanted to eat a pint of ice cream? I sure haven’t.)
  • allows you to eat more and still lose

Challenge: finding an activity you like and can stick with!


For me, that activity (obviously) is running. I love it, I love pushing myself and finding new limits to break through. I love running races and training for races. <— Wait, who is this girl?

Some people love cycling, walking, Zumba, whatever. But as long as you’re off the couch, moving, and burning some calories – do it!

Here are the things I like to do to keep me moving:

  • set a goal
  • find a workout buddy
  • put it in your planner
  • sign up for a class

Weight Watchers awards Activity Points (APs) for working out. They base the calculation off of your current weight + time spent + intensity level. I have to be honest and say that I don’t do that. I wear a Polar F6 heart rate monitor, and use the (old) calculation that 100 cals = 1 AP.


Sadly, I gained 0.8 this week. Blah. This isn’t the best time of month, if you know what I mean.  But I’m pretty sure the pizza I ate Sunday also had something to do with it.

Something to think about: we all have bad weeks. It happens. But learning from them, instead of dwelling on the bad, is how we grow and move on. So, onward and upward I go.

What I accomplished this week:

– I tracked every day. It wasn’t always pretty, and it wasn’t always perfect, but I tracked.

– I created a Facebook page for the blog – go check it out!

– I ran 9 miles this week – three 3-mile runs. That’s the most mileage I’ve done in a long (too long) time!

run 1 27 11


What I’d like to work on for next week:

– strength train at least 2 times

– be careful on the weekend – they are not an excuse to eat anything/everything

– plan my days out better


On another note: my center is going to be having an employment information session in a couple of weeks, and my leader suggestion that I attend! Even though I’m not at goal (28 lbs., grrr) I can get more information on what it means to work for Weight Watchers.  It’s been a while since I’ve mentioned it, but one of my goals after I make lifetime is to become a leader. This just puts me one step closer!


So, what have you done this week that you’re proud of?

Better Late than Never


I only worked a 1/2 day today, but didn’t make it into the gym until almost 5:30! The delay was a combo of being busy in the kitchen and wasting time on the internet. Mostly wasting time, lol. But it’s better late than never, right?

My plan was to run, do some strength, run, strength, run.

run 12 17 10 1

Run #1

run 12 17 19 2

Run #2

I had hoped to run a 3rd mile after completing my strength circuit, but Matt texted me and wanted to go out for some dinner.

Here’s my strength circuit. Today was focused on back and biceps.

  Sets Reps Weight
Pushups (knee) 3 15  
Reverse fly 3 15 5lb dumbbells
Lat pull-down 3 15 40lb
Row 3 15 30lb
Superman’s 3 15  
Bicep curls 3 15 10lb dumbbells
Hammer curls 3 15 7.5lb dumbbells


Thursday night dinner. It was pretty awesome.




And a preview of what went down in my kitchen yesterday afternoon.


I didn’t have such a great time at my Weight Watchers meeting this week. I’m up 1.6 lbs. (#$*%) and can’t really pinpoint why. I’m going to change up my breakfasts this week (bye oatmeal!) and try to get in more veggies and not as much fruit.

The meeting topic this week was more about the Points Plus program and how to deal with the holidays. Nothing too terribly exciting, but good to talk about anyway. Next week I will be going to a meeting near my parents house and will hopefully have a loss to report!

What have you done lately that better late than never?

The One Where She Left the House

Yeah…so blogging yesterday didn’t happen. I did manage to stay in my pjs all day and get very little done. But it was 15 degrees outside (felt like 0 with the 36mph winds) so I think it was justified. Smile

Yesterday’s oatmeal was a new (to me) combo – cinnamon apples and peanut butter. I am out of bananas and didn’t feel like pumpkin again – peanut butter does not go well with pumpkin. I really love putting fruit in my oatmeal – it’s a super simple way to get a serving in and kick up the flavor. I sliced up a gala apple super thin, sprinkled a little cinnamon on it, then popped it in the microwave for about 2 minutes to soften it. While it was microwaving I started the water for my oats. After I dumped the oats in, I stirred it then added the apple.


In the bowl:

  • – 1/2 cup Quaker old-fashioned quick oats
  • – 1 medium gala apple
  • – spoonful of Skippy Natural peanut butter
  • – sprinkle of crushed walnuts

It was so delicious that enjoyed it again this morning. The apples lend a nice crunch and tart sweetness to the oatmeal. You really can’t go wrong.

Last night Matt and I ventured outside in the cold and snow for the first time since Friday night. Wow. I feel kinda lame typing that. No, I did not work out at all Saturday or Sunday. I’m not to happy about that, but there’s no use worrying about the past. I can only work to change how I approach the future. And that includes working out every day the rest of this week.

We didn’t go anywhere exciting last night – just a quick trip to Qdoba for some dinner. I had a buy 1 get 1 free coupon and didn’t feel like cooking dinner. I got a naked (no tortilla) vegetarian burrito w/black beans, rice, fajita veggies (which they seriously skimp on), a bit of sour cream, cheese, guacamole (yum!), and lettuce. It was pretty good, but I really should start asking for no rice. It’s not that great anyway, and I’d rather just enjoy the veggies and beans.

Last week’s Weight Watchers meeting was pretty un-exciting. We had a trainee leader who wasn’t that great. I know she’s new and still training, but I was pretty bored and didn’t really get into anything she talked about. But I could tell she was really nervous.

I gained .8 this week, which stinks. I did go straight from the gym to my weigh-in, which could be a likely cause. But this week I’m trying to eat lots more veggies and less fruits. I have no trouble eating 5 servings a day in fruit – apples, oranges, clementine’s, grapes, etc. I love it all. But for some reason I have trouble with veggies – even though I love those too. I’ve been eating more salads and have peeled and cut up a bunch of carrots so they are easy to grab and munch on. We’ll see how it goes this Thursday.

I’m not working today so I plan on getting major stuff done around here. I have the grocery list ready to go and will (hopefully) be heading out soon. Also on the to-do list for today: wrapping Christmas gifts! I’m taking the train home for the holidays a few days before Matt will drive up – he has to work Christmas Eve, boo! So I need to make sure everything is ready to be packed in his car without my assistance. Also, I need to make sure he can’t snoop around the closet when I’m not home. Winking smile

Alright, I need to actually get moving for today. Hope you’re all having a great Monday!