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National Running Day

Yesterday, June 1, was National Running Day . Until a week or two ago, I didn’t even know running had its own holiday – every day is running day for me!

Wednesday was also my first “real” day of summer break, with nothing planned except for work later in the afternoon. I woke up around 7am and made a glass of iced coffee (leftover from yesterday – yum) and toasted a mini bagel. I had grand plans of getting out early for my planned 4 mile run.

Side note: this week is the official beginning of marathon training for Chicago (on 10.9.10) and it doesn’t feel real yet. Once I get my training plan into a Google doc I’ll put up a link.

Anyway, I of course procrastinated and didn’t head out the door until about 10:30 and it was already pretty hot.


Before subjecting myself to 45 minutes in the hot sun.

run 6 1 11

Then I did this.


And looked like this:


I’m glistening all over. It’s not a good look.

And somehow I look more sunburned before the run then after it. And yes, mom, I did wear sunblock. Even though it got into my eyes and stung like crazy at mile 2.5.

Anyone know of a goodbutnotcrazyexpensive (as I am poor) sunblock that won’t make me blind? I’ll love you forever.

After I got home and guzzled a big glass of ice water I rolled out my yoga mat and did a killer 20 minute abs workout that Bobbi posted yesterday. Ouch.

Lunch was totally random and delicious.


Baked potato ‘n’ salsa, fat free refried beans w/cheese


Broccoli slaw w/red wine vinegar and olive oil.

Later, after work, I munched on a protein bar – it was pretty good, but maybe a little too chocolaty?











I hit up the library and brought home a bunch of knitting books. I am desperate need of smallish/simple/easy to travel with patterns for all the traveling I will be doing this summer.

Oh, we also ate dinner. Turkey burgers, veggies, and mashed potatoes.




So far, it’s not really sinking in that it’s summer vacation. I’ve kept myself pretty busy (intentionally?) so the realization of a missing paycheck haven’t hit too hard. I’m playing the waiting game right now and it’s driving me nuts.

I’ve got a slew of things I want to write and blog about in the next few weeks, but sometimes putting things in writing is not as easy as it seems. Plus, I’m really good at procrastinating. I think I need to start turning off my wireless so I don’t spend my morning hours readying way too many blogs.

Ok, time to find some lunch before tackling my to-do list for the day. Have a great one!