Run Abe Half Week 3

Yesterday concluded week 3 of my half marathon training plan – ending with a 5 mile run and then a day of (much needed) rest.

Here’s a day by day rundown:

Monday – bodypump

Tuesday – 35 minute run (3 miles)

Wednesday – 40 minute run (3.5 miles)


After Wednesday’s sweaty run. I was wiped!

Thursday – 20 min cycle, cxworx

Friday – 20 min Banish Fat Boost Metabolism, 20 min power yoga podcastIMG_1883

I wore this new running top with jeans to our institute day Friday. Who says running clothes are just for running?

Saturday – 5 mile run (60 min)

Sunday – rest

My old Polar F4 heart rate monitor is nearly dead and has been dying for a while. It hasn’t made any noise in a good 6 months and has been showing the ‘low battery’ symbol for longer than that. I’d been trying to wait it out, or hope that it would magically get better, but it never did. I guess after 4 years of using it for hours each week it was bound to go eventually. Tonight I finally bit the bullet and ordered a new Polar FT4, which is the newer version of mine. It looks a lot sleeker and the new chest straps are much nicer than the old, mostly plastic ones. Yay! Now I just need to be patient until it gets here.

I’m also super ready for warmer, non-icy weather. I hate running in freezing temps, especially when its windy, and that’s all we’ve had lately. Add ice and snow on top of that and it’s the treadmill for me. I ran 5 miles on it Saturday morning and thanks to my Nook I was able to finish and not go completely mad. I’m planning 6 on Friday and, looking at the weather, it’s gonna be another long indoor run.

Have a great Tuesday!


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