Whatever Wednesday

Yup, middle of the week. I’ve got a short teaching week though (woo-hoo!) with a teacher institute Friday. As much as those long days of meetings can sometimes be a drag, it’s nice to have a relaxed non-teaching day, soak up some knowledge, and see colleagues that I rarely see otherwise. And hey – jeans!

I’ve been doing a pretty great job sticking to my training plan for the half in April. I missed my scheduled run yesterday – still made it to Bodypump though – and made up the run tonight. It felt pretty great, too. I just got new shoes last Friday and my feet are very happy.

Side note: let me sing my praises for Zappos. I ordered my shoes on Wednesday night and they were at my door less than 24 hours – with free shipping! Even better than that the shoes were on sale $20 below regular price. Whoop whoop! The newest model is released in February so I’ll be stocking up as soon as those babies are marked down again. Nothing like stockpiling running shoes, right?


I’d say it was time for new ones, wouldn’t you?

I have been majorly hydrating this week. I always feel so much better when I drink lots of water. Keeps my brain going til the end of the day and gives me enough energy to get to the gym after work. Also, I’m pretty sure it’s a major factor in my skin looking way better than it ever has.


I’ve been using the (free!) app Waterlogged to track my intake and try to hit my recommended 131 oz every day before bed. This cup is 16 oz and I probably drink at least 3 during the work day (more if I stay late to get work done). That’s in addition to the 3-4 refills of my 24oz Tervis at home. Three of each and I’m good to go – and that’s not even taking into account coffee, tea, and water during my workout!

Speaking of tea – I’ve been completely obsessed lately. For the past week it’s been 2-3 cups a night of Celestial Seasonings – usually Candy Cane Lane or Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride. Occasionally I mix it up with a little Bengal Spice (like chai, but caffeine free).

So…what have you been drinking lately? Do you try to drink a certain amount every day like I do ?

2 thoughts on “Whatever Wednesday

  1. Run With Chocolate

    I don’t know why I never put two and two together (your blog tagline of teacher and musician) but when I saw the bulletin border behind you, which is the same one behind me at the moment it kinda clicked. So, are you a music teacher? I am too! If not, still a good border choice 😉


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