Reveal Day!

It’s the last day of November, so that means its time for my Foodie Penpal reveal!

This month I was sent a box by Bethany, who doesn’t have a blog.


Cute teddy bear postcard – he has a bear on his shoulder!



Bethany lives in Tennessee, so she packed lots of local flavor in this box!

First up was a bag of pork rinds, which the husband was excited to eat. I’ve actually never tried them and try to stay away from fried foods as much as possible, so this one was all the hubs. The next treat is a bag of dry roasted edamame – yum! I ripped these open right after I’d snapped the photo. They are really tasty and something i’d never have bought on my own.

Another local flavor is in the dijon mustard Bethany sent – Jack Daniels! I haven’t tried this one yet; we aren’t huge mustard eaters and there was an open bottle in the fridge already. But I can’t wait until the next time we make some bratwurst – i’m sure this will be the perfect topper for it. Another southern specialty was the sausage gravy, and Bethany made sure to include a packet in her box. I’m saving these for a special breakfast or maybe when my Tennessee-born dad comes to visit. Of course I’ll be making biscuits to go along with them, too!




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