Perfect Topic

I think it was meant to be that I last weeks weight watcher meeting topic was my first meeting back. The past 8 weeks had apparently been focusing on Thanksgiving and how to handle the holidays. For those of us trying to lose weight the next 6 weeks can be the most stressful and difficult time of the year. As if it isn’t already, right!?!

Last weeks topic was all about why we chose to join Weight Watchers and lose weight. I didn’t get a Weekly magazine since I’m not yet a paying member, but it had a page to list all the reasons for losing weight. This definitely made me think about the reasons I started in the first place and what has brought me back to Weight Watchers and meetings. Again.

Some of my reasons:

  • I want to look good
  • I want to fit back into my clothes. Probably 50-60% of my closet is unwearable right now.
  • I want to run faster
  • I want to head off any health issues. Heart disease runs in my family and I’d like to do everything possible to combat that.
  • I want to be at my goal weight before I get pregnant. Not happening any time soon, btw. Just looking to the future.
  • I want to stop losing and maintain my goal weight. I know it’s just as difficult but I’m sick of trying to lose all the time.
  • I want to run another marathon, but that isn’t gonna happen until I lose a lot more weight.

I’ve been thinking about these reasons a lot the past few days and its helped me stay on track. I had an awesome weekend of tracking everything – even the bad stuff – and getting in a great run. I can’t wait to re-join officially on Saturday, have my first weigh-in, and get brand new plan materials.

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