Accidental rest

So, I had totally planned on attending bodycombat class at the gym tonight. I was going to make 1 of 2 grocery trips, head home to put things away, change into gym clothes and head out again.

Then around 2:00 my hips started hurting like crazy. I don’t know if its from yesterday’s run, my long-overdue stretch session, or the shoes I wore but it hurt just to walk. Oops.

I thought about just doing a Jillian Michaels DVD at home or scrapping the workout altogether.

After grocery store #1 wasn’t as horrible as I thought, and left me with just a few items from store #2 I decided to finish the trip. I got everything purchased for thanksgiving dinner and headed home.

When I tried to get in the apartment I realized I’d forgotten my house key. In the house. Still tucked in my SPIbelt after yesterday’s run. Whoops. Thankfully Matt was just about to leave the office so I just hung out in the lobby for 15 minutes.

So with the combo of being sore and locked out I decided to rest today. I took advantage of the extra time to prep thanksgiving desserts.

Cinnamon Apple Crumble from Skinnytaste

I’ll also be making a pumpkin pie from the Weight Watchers website. It seems a little silly to have two desserts for just the two of us, but it’s not thanksgiving without apple and pumpkin pie. I’ll send the rest to Matt’s work Friday.

The rest of dinner is pretty simple: turkey, hash brown casserole, asparagus, rolls, and salad. And I’m making Weight Watchers 1 pt+ vegetable soup for lunch. We’ll be starving after the Turkey Trot and I wanted something easy and low-cal for lunch.

Just one more day of school til the long weekend, so I’m relaxing with a cup of Trader Joes pumpkin spice tea. Yum.


Hope you’re having a great pre-holiday week!

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