I’m feeling like myself again.

Last night after work I skipped the gym, grabbed some fries and a coffee from McDonalds, and came home. About 2 hours later I was feeling really guilty and crappy. I immediately changed into workout clothes, popped in Jillian Michaels No More Trouble Zones DVD, and did a 50 minute strength workout.

Before I went to bed I laid out my running gear for a 4 mile run this morning. I also made plans to attend my first Weight Watchers meeting since, I think, February 2011. It could be longer, but February is my last logged weight until I recently joined again.

I haven’t switched yet from online to monthly pass, but I’ll take care of that before next Saturday. Doing it today would basically lose me a whole week which would be very silly. I’m definitely focused on tracking everything honestly this week and being aware of what I’m really eating.

After that I headed to the one flat part of town to run Week 9, Day 1 of the Couch to 10k program. I know I’ve said it before, but the couch to 5k/10k programs are the best thing for beginning runners (or those re-building their base). Last week I ran 30 minutes and only had to stop twice for about 30 seconds each. Today I did four 10 minute intervals with a 1 minute recovery in between. I was a little sore from last nights strength workout, but nothing too bad.


There’s the proof: 4.3 miles, 54 minutes (including 10 minutes of warm-up & cool down) and about 600 calories gone!


Feeling good! And all ready to go home, buckled up and everything.

I headed to the grocery for a quick stock the fridge trip. We were seriously lacking in fresh fruit and salad fixing’s. Hopefully I’ve remedied the situation. Unfortunately I’ll be making another trip soon because we still have to decide our thanksgiving menu! It’s just me & Matt this year for sure and possible a few coworkers, so not a huge menu to create.

Playlist for todays run: Rock the Road mix from Rock My Run. It’s an hour long mix and not once did I get bored of it. I just downloaded it last night so it was brand new to me and it’s awesome. Seriously, if you haven’t joined Rock My Run yet…what are you waiting for!


In other news (and if you don’t follow me on Instagram) I chopped my hair off last week. Six inches gone! I felt like myself again when I left the salon.


Tonight’s dinner was a modified version (due to lack of a few ingredients) of Daily Garnish’s Un-Fried Rice. It was so delicious and I can’t imagine how good it would be if I had regular brown rice, not instant as well as sesame oil instead of vegetable. I may have also eaten an entire bag of stir-fry veggies with my rice. Whoops.



Now it’s off to bed for this tired lady. We’re going to see Lincoln tomorrow and I am so excited! The prospect of movie popcorn isn’t too shabby, either.


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