Sunday night thoughts

Warning: random post ahead!

So, I totally started working on a November goals post, but then Matt & I went out of town for the weekend. Nowhere fancy, just to visit our family. We hadn’t been since the end of August and it was nice to get a little quality time in. I even saw one of my brothers, who I thought would already be gone for a work trip. That was a nice little surprise.

Friday nights drive seemed so long, and since it was dark the whole time I couldn’t read or knit. I spent a lot of time on the old iPhone checking twitter and half-finishing crossword puzzles.

Eating was a little crappy as it usually is weekends we visit the parents. I had Chinese with my mom & sister for lunch Saturday, ice cream that night with the in-laws, and Italian takeout today with the other in-laws. It was all quite delicious, though.

And I actually got in a run as well, which was a surprise to myself. I usually bring home running clothes, but sleep/couch time tend to take precedence. With 2 races on the calendar for next Saturday, however, I really needed to get out there and move. And it was amazing. I’ve mentioned before that my town is super hilly, and getting to run in a mostly flat area was like heaven for my legs.

I also spent about 2 hours this morning going over lesson plans, figuring out what I need to do for work the next few weeks. And of course consumed several cups of coffee.


As much as I’m enjoying teaching, I am more than ready for our Thanksgiving and Christmas breaks. There are lots of little projects around the house that have gone forgotten since school that I’d like to finally finish.

Hope you enjoyed your extra hour today, too!


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