What a Week

Day 4 Describe your typical training schedule for a week

The last few weeks my training schedule has been anything but typical. Getting back to school – and working full-time to boot – has been a strange adjustment to make. It’s been 2 years since I taught full-time, and I’ve never taught general music. Teaching band was definitely easier to plan and prep for!

Here’s what will hopefully become my new “regular” training schedule:

Monday – class at gym, either BodyAttack or BodyPump + run

Tuesday – BodyCombat class

Wednesday – BodyPump + run or BodyCombat

Thursday – rest or easy cardio

Friday – run

Saturday  – BodyPump and/or run

Sunday – rest

If you didn’t notice, I love taking fitness classes. During the school year especially they make my workouts no brainers. I don’t have to think or plan more than penciling the class into my schedule. The instructor will take care of the rest.

Thursday isn’t my preferred rest day, but due to staff meetings after school and community concert band rehearsal at night it doesn’t leave a lot of time for gym+shower+dinner between. Oh well.

I’m not really training for any races right now, just trying to build my mileage back up and lose some weight in the process. I’m hoping for a spring half marathon, which seems so far away. Short term I’d like to be ready for my local Turkey Trot 10k on (duh) Thanksgiving.

Over the summer I started the New Rules of Lifting for Women program but with school starting I haven’t really lifted in about 3 weeks. I do plan to get back into it soon, as I was seeing gains in strength even in Phase 1.


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