Oh, Lance

Day 2 Share your thoughts and feelings about Lance Armstrong’s lifetime ban and loss of titles

Honestly, I don’t really have too many feelings on this topic. I was never really into cycling, Tour de France, and Lance Armstrong. It sucks that he was able to accomplish so much with his fame, including the LiveStrong campaign which has donated lots of money towards cancer education and helping survivors (at least, that’s what I think they do. The official site uses lots of jargon) and made those rubber bracelets so popular.

I know he’s been under fire for a long time for allegedly using banned substances but had always fought back and said it wasn’t true. Now, I don’t know if his refusal to go to arbitration (I looked it up, I’m not that smart) is an admission of guilt or him just growing tired of defending himself and putting his family through the mess. We’ll probably never know for sure. I do feel, too, that the USADA is being especially harsh in the wake of it being an Olympics year and some of the athletes being caught using banned substances.

However, I think that if he was truly, truly innocent he would keep fighting for his titles and his legacy. He had a lot to lose, but perhaps didn’t think things would go so far as to strip him of his titles and give him a lifetime ban from cycling. Cuz that really sucks.

All this has me thinking – do we put so much pressure on our athletes to set new records and win medals on the world stage that they feel they need to turn to using drugs? Or is it because they themselves want to win. I dunno.

As for me, the weirdest substance I’ll use during a workout is Gu. 

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