SWC–Day 1

So, at the beginning of last month I started to participate in The Fitness Cheerleader’s writing challenge (August Healthy Living/Fitness Blogger Writing Challenge, to be exact) and the first few days went well. Until I found out I’d be teaching full-time and had to start working double-time to get ready for the start of the school year. The past two weeks haven’t left much time for anything besides work, to be perfectly honest. I do miss writing and talking about fitness – especially since my time in the gym has been precious lately.

So, I’m going to (attempt) to complete September’s challenge.

Day 1 Describe your pre and post workout routine


post-workout a few weeks ago. hot stuff, right?

Monday-Friday I (usually) go to the gym straight from work. I bring my gym bag with me in the morning so I have no excuse, as well as an extra snack on my way. I love apples before a workout – enough calories and carbs to perk me up a little bit and energize a workout. Also, they keep well in my lunchbox/work bag and are easy to eat while driving. I also wipe my makeup off with a baby wipe before working out. I used to break out pretty badly from makeup/sweat at the gym but have not had many spots since starting this routine. I buy the cheap ones from Wal-Mart or Aldi – no need to spend too much. I do recommend getting unscented and/or sensitive though, since you’re using them on the face.

Post workout I make sure to take off my heart rate monitor and chest strap – otherwise it may not end up in my bag once I get home. I’ve left it on the bathroom counter a time or two. I also wipe my face again with a baby wipe. Way easier than trying to wash my face at the sink but gets the sweat, germs, and leftover makeup off my face until I can get home.

On days I lift heavy or take BodyPump I try to grab some protein powder to sip on the way home, too, but it doesn’t always happen.

Not too exciting, I know! I try to take as little time as possible before’/after my workout because time is precious!

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