Week 4 Weigh In & Some News

Late again, whomp whomp.

I actually did record my weigh in on Tuesday this week but never got around to writing the post.

The biggest reason I haven’t been posting this week is because I, wait for it, got a teaching job!!!

I’m not going to go into too many details, you know, for security and privacy blah blah blah. If you know me in real life then you know the specifics or can ask if you care, haha.

Weigh In: –0.4

Going the right direction at least.

I’ve made another big change in my weight loss plan this week: I rejoined Weight Watchers. It’s what helped me lose 50lbs in the first place and sets out a (fairly) easy to follow plan with lots of great tools to help. For now I’m just going with online only for three months to see if I can stick with tracking and following the plan. If I find I need more support I’ll go back to meetings, but I’m hoping that won’t be necessary.

It’s only Day 3 back on WW and already I’m feeling more in control and positive about food. I think counting and tracking calories was just driving me nuts. All those numbers were starting to swirl together and make me crazy.

When I logged back into my old profile I was able to see my entire weight loss history with Weight Watchers, which is kinda cool and sad at the same time. I can see how far I’ve come from my starting weight (almost 4 years ago – crazy). I can also see how much I’ve gained from my lowest weight which was about 2 years ago. Ugh.

Next week I’ll be again weighing (and hopefully posting) on Tuesday and also taking my measurements. I’m sure not much has changed, but it’s good to keep track.

Until next time. Peace out!

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