August Writing Challenge Day 11

{This is part of The Fitness Cheerleader’s August writing challenge.}

Sooo…I’ve gotten a little bit behind in posting. Life got a bit crazy this week, but I’m hoping to catch up a bit this weekend. Hopefully.

Name a famous person that you would like to workout with.

Hmm..this is a little difficult. I’ve only really been “into” fitness and running for a few years and don’t have too many fitness celebs  that I look up to. The Olympics, however, have exposed me to so many amazing athletes, most of whom I’d never heard of or seen in action before.

I would love to go running with Kara Goucher – maybe not quite so fast though. She had a baby just 2 years ago and finished 10th in the Olympic Marathon. Amazing.

Alyson Felix also seems like she’d be fun to run with. Even though she’s a hardcore Olympian she runs and wins with a smile on her face.

When I work out, I usually have the intention of pushing myself farther than I personally have gone before. I like to think of what I’m working towards – stronger muscles, a faster mile, a lower number on the scale. In the end, that’s all that really matter, right? Being able to push and motivate yourself?

Your turn: who would you most like to work out with?

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