August Writing Challenge Day 1

{This is part of The Fitness Cheerleader’s August writing challenge. Here’s why I’m participating.}

Your 5 favorite workout songs and why?

These change all. The. Time. I listen to music 99% of the time I work out solo. (The other 1% is podcasts or audio books). Even during classes there’s some kind of music going and I leave with one song stuck in my head. I probably change up/add/subtract music from my shuffle at least once a week.


My five current fave songs:

Call Me Maybe – Carly Rae Jepsen

I don’t know anyone who hasn’t heard this song and doesn’t start signing along – it’s just so catchy! This came on my iPod the other day when I was lifting and I caught myself mouthing the words and doing a little dance at the squat rack. Busted.

Rock My Run mixes

I first heard about Rock My Run from Katy’s blog last  summer and was hooked from the first download. They offer mixes in many different genres and lengths. They do cost $, but because I got in when they were still beta (free) I get several credits to use towards purchases each month.

We Are Young – Fun

I didn’t hear this song for a while after it came out, but it just reminds me of high school, hanging out with big groups of friends and doing crazy things (though we were never at bars and such). It’s pretty mellow but still upbeat, which is great when running.

Hold My Hand – New Found Glory

Anyone else a New Found Glory fan? I’ve been listening to them since junior high and have always loved their music. This one has a great steady pulse and catchy lyrics to sing along while running. What, you don’t do that?

Middle – Jimmy Eat World

Again, another one that takes me back to high school. Catchy beat where I can run and kind of zone out for a few minutes, keeping pace with the guitar.


Ok, so my ‘whys’ aren’t deep at all – I like catchy pop tunes when I work out. Anything more complex and my mind is working to hard and my muscles aren’t.

Also, I guarantee if you ask me this question again in a few weeks time my answers will be 100% different!


Your turn: favorite workout song of the moment?

5 thoughts on “August Writing Challenge Day 1

  1. seekelrun131

    First, I love your blog name! Super cute. And I love your list! I l need to add “Call me Maybe.” Have you seen the US swim team’s youtube video of it? So full of energy and awesome.

  2. fitnesscheerleader

    I didn’t share my whys because it was a “shrug my shoulders becasue I just do” kind of explanation, but I love that you shared your list and whys! Thanks for joining!

  3. ~jenniferlynn

    Your music is totally approved.. love New Found Glory (even put them on my playlist blog post lol)! And love FUN.. That song is super duper overplayed, but I’m really digging their new one now, “Some Nights”. I could listen to it over and over.. and often do. hehe.


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