Week 3–Checking In


First, some housekeeping. I’ve decided to change my weigh in day to Tuesday. I’ve been tending to sleep in on Monday mornings and can’t weigh at the same time. Tuesday has worked much better for me the last two weeks, so I think it’s going to stay.

This weeks results? –0.4

Not a huge loss, but it’s a negative number. I also did a strength workout yesterday evening, and I always feel like I retain a little water after lifting.

As far as exercise goes, I got in several quality workouts this past week, including a Bodyflow class that left my muscles feeling gloriously stretched out. I went to another one today and it was great.

(Side note: Bodyflow is a Les Mills class, basically yoga with a tai chi warm-up, Pilates abs, and each song/track focuses on certain skills like balance, twists, etc.)

I’ve already got most of my workouts scheduled in my calendar for the upcoming week and am hoping to stick to it as closely as possible.



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