Fresh Air Run


It was a beautiful 72 degrees when I woke up this morning, so I decided to head outside for todays planned run.

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I finished Week 3, Day 2 of the Couch to 5k program today: run 3 min, walk 90 sec, run 5 min, walk 2.5 min, run 3 min, walk 90 sec, run 5 min. I was feeling pretty good until the last running segment – I think the high humidity (and hills, ugh) were starting to get to me.

I worked at the gym this afternoon, so I lifted and did a little bit of recovery cardio after my shift was over. Today was New Rules of Lifting (I swear, post coming soon about it) workout 6B. That barbell up there is what I was deadlifting. Only 60 lbs. (including the bar) but I’m getting there. I feel like I need to really lock down form before upping the weight too much.

Eats were pretty clean today. After having tacos during our Olympic watch party Friday night I was munching chips and salsa all weekend long. Ugh. I felt so full of salt and flour this morning, all I wanted was lots of fruits and vegetables. Oh, water too – I probably had close to 200oz today! Crazy crazy.

Tomorrows workout plan is some easy cardio and Bodyflow to stretch me out. Looking forward to it!

6 thoughts on “Fresh Air Run

    1. Melissa Post author

      Bodyflow is a les mills class, the same people who do bodypump. It’s like yoga and pilates choreagraphed to music. Closest thing to a yoga studio I’ve got!

      And I was doing deadlifts yesterday with the bar – not as crazy as it looks, lol

  1. ~jenniferlynn

    Loved Couch to 5K and Loved NROLFW.. It took me 6 months to get to a 5k.. but so glad I did it! I stopped running after my two 5ks I did last year, so considering re-doing couch to 5k to build myself back up! Stage 6 is my favorite! And with the deadlifts, you are totally stronger than you think you are!!

    1. Melissa Post author

      Haha. There was a guy next to me dead lifting with 4 45’s on each side of the bar. Made me feel so wimpy. But he kept slamming it on the ground while lifting and it was so annoying! I’ll take my small, quiet weights!

      1. ~jenniferlynn

        I think I got up to 90 or so doing NROLFW; then one day my BF was doing his warmup with 135 and told me to try it. AND I DID!!! I could not believe it! He said don’t think about it; just stand up.
        Two weeks later, I did it again, and he kept adding a little bit of weight (outside the NROLFW program). I ended up doing 160 once. HOLY HECK! I comfortably do 95 now for reps, but it is amazing to know what you can do!

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