Weight In Late and Other Random Things

(This was supposed to post yesterday afternoon. Oops.)

Last night I prepped a ton of food. It was grocery day, and I always have the intention of cutting up fruits & veggies, preparing for dinners ahead of time. It almost never happens. Until tonight.

In about an hour, I:

  • hardboiled a dozen eggs
  • washed and sliced 2 pints of strawberries
  • sliced 2 lbs of carrots into sticks (way cheaper than baby carrots, BTW)
  • sautéed veggies for tacos
  • browned and seasoned ground beef for taco meat
  • cooked 2 lbs of chicken for last nights dinner
  • cooked rice for last nights dinner

I was feeling pretty accomplished. It also made last nights dinner way easy – 2/3 of it was already cooked, I just had to cook the veggies for stir-fry. Tonight’s meal is mostly prepped as well. Chicken is going in the crock pot this afternoon and will be ready later.

This weeks weigh in kinda sucked. I gained 1.4, but I know why. I didn’t work out Friday, Saturday, Sunday. I ate too much of the wrong things (pizza, popcorn, brownies). But I got the week started out right and am feeling much better, physically and mentally. I’ve gotten in several good workouts as well.

And now for some random, what-I’ve-been-up-to photos.


New haircut! I love having bangs again, and look how long my hair is getting!




Um, quite disappointing. First half was OK (lots of shirtlessness), second half stunk.



Woohoo! Married! (I promise I’ll do full recaps when we get our CD from the photographer.)


The Olympics start tonight! This picture is from the training center in Colorado Springs, which we visited while on our honeymoon there.



Came home to this one day and couldn’t help but take pictures. I think I’m becoming a cat lady.

Now it’s off to work and then get ready for our Opening Ceremony watch party!

3 thoughts on “Weight In Late and Other Random Things

  1. Kelly

    I love the bangs, Liss! And being a cat lady is OK. He is a funny little guy. I even kinda miss him. I hope you enjoyed your opening ceremonies party!


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