Recipe Review Thursday

(Hopefully) new feature alert! One of my ongoing goals is to try new recipes and in doing so, I’d like to share them with you all.

Nothing is worse than trying a recipe that looks or sounds great, easy, etc. only to find that it, well, isn’t.

This weeks recipe? S’mores Bars!


Oh boy were these good.

I pinned this recipe ages ago and figured I’d probably never actually make it. But it sure looked nice among my other pins – cupcakes, cookies, etc.

Then it was time for a July 3rd BBQ (one of Matt’s coworkers throws the party every year). And it was hot out. Like, 100+ degrees hot, which meant that whatever I made had to withstand being outside for hours.

This recipe was originally pinned from the blog Wit & Whistle. Visit her site for the full recipe.


Time: from start to finish, probably about an hour. Most of that, though, is baking time. And then I had to be patient while my kitchen filled with the smell of these bars.

Ingredients: you’ll probably have the basics in the kitchen, but may need to get the s’mores parts – graham crackers, chocolate bars, and marshmallow fluff (in place of marshmallows)

Difficulty: pretty easy. the hardest part was spreading the super-sticky fluff and the graham cracker crust over it.

Changes: I doubled this recipe, since I was going to a large BBQ. If I made it for home I wouldn’t, only because I’d want to eat them all!

If I did it again I’d: use more fluff. I had 2 jars, but could’ve used 3 for a thicker marshmallow layer. I think I’d also put this in a large pan instead of 2 8×8 dishes. It was kind of hard to divide up the crust evenly.

Taste: Awesome! All I brought home from the party was the empty container. That’s always a good sign to me!

This is definitely a keeper in the recipe box!

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