Weighing In: Week 1


Results: –0.4

Woo hoo!

I know it’s only a little loss, but hey, it’s still a negative number.

Last weeks workouts:

Monday – Bodypump & Spin Class

Tuesday – C25K Wk 2 Day 1, NROLFW 3B

Wednesday – rest day

Thursday – C25K Wk 2 Day 2, NROLFW 4A

Friday – 20 minute run in hotel fitness center. this felt really good after being in the car for 8 hours

Saturday – 30 min treadmill run, 15 min weights

Sunday – nada. was in the car for 8 hours driving home from Minneapolis

Not too shabby for being out of town over the weekend. I still got in 5 great workouts.

Challenges I faced last week:

Heat. I know, I know, nothing new. But it’s still a challenge. I love running outside so much more than the treadmill but it’s just not safe at these high temperatures.

Traveling. We had a wedding in Minneapolis on Saturday, so that meant long hours in the car, lots of eating/drinking, and staying in a hotel. Thankfully I didn’t eat too poorly (though I did drink quite a bit more than normal. Perks of not having to drive anywhere, I guess.) I did also manage to get in two workouts. When we arrived at the hotel Friday we checked in, brought up our luggage, said a quick hello to Matt’s mom, sister, and stepdad and I headed down to the fitness center. A quick 20 minutes later I was feeling much better and ready to indulge at the rehearsal dinner that evening.

Saturday morning I was back in the fitness center for another run and a quick weight session.

Side note: Sheraton hotels have the nicest fitness centers I’ve seen on my (limited) travels.  Definitely made working out on vacation MUCH easier!

What I’m going to work on this week:

Staying on track while at home. I have a bad habit of getting sucked into the internet and not getting half the things done on my to-do list. This also leads to lots of unnecessary snacking. My goal is to work/internet surf from the guest room and hopefully avoid excess trips to the kitchen.

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