(Wo)Man of Action

It’s time. Time to lose weight. Time to fit back into the other half of my closet. Time to be a hot wife.

Here’s my plan of action

– weigh in Monday mornings

– take measurements every 4 weeks

– track food & exercise on MyFitnessPal

– aim for more cardio: 200 minutes a week

– continue strength training 2-3 times per week

– cut back on carbs (bread, tortillas, chips, cereal, pretzels, etc.)

– cut back on sweets, treats & alcohol: pick one day a week to “splurge"

– incorporate more protein and vegetables into meals & snacks

– plan (healthy) dinners ahead of time

– drink lots of water, 100oz minimum per day. This one is usually never a problem with me!

I weighed in this morning. We’ll call that number 0. Every week I’ll post a number showing what I’ve lost or gained that week. My goal weight, for now, is the number on my drivers license. I’ve got 33lbs to go to match it.

I also took my measurements this morning, and every four weeks will post a change, if any. I have absolutely no idea what these should be.

Wish me luck with week 1!

8 thoughts on “(Wo)Man of Action

  1. Christina

    Hey on MyFitnessPal also! Let’s be buds – ForkyouNoforkU

    Um and we seem to be on the same plan, less (yummy) carbs, more veg, basically more good stuff and less bad stuff. Oh and no more alcohol. This proved to be very hard when I did a REALLY tough workout and just wanted a cold glass of reisling after lol

  2. ~jenniferlynn

    I think writing goals down is such a great first step! 🙂
    Have you thought about doing exercises other than cardio? Incorporating more weight lifting may help you to achieve your goals and drop body fat even faster than just strict cardio will. (Check this article out: http://www.niashanks.com/2010/12/the-best-exercises-fat-loss-and-cardio-myths/)
    Plus, making sure you are eating enough is important, too!
    I am almost finished completing a lifting program, New Rules of Lifting for Women. I’ve had no prior weight training before, and the only working out I’ve done was some minimal running (trained for and completed two 5ks). There is an AMAZING group on Facebook of women, all shapes and sizes and athletic backgrounds, who are going through, or have completed, the program. You can find some super inspirational stories on there of girls who were looking to lose weight and opted to lift instead of run (or do both), and have seem incredible physical changes.(https://www.facebook.com/groups/NROL4W/)
    Again.. looking forward to seeing your results!!

    1. Melissa Post author

      Thanks for pointing out that I skipped over weight training on that plan! I’ve actually been lifting regularly for a while now, since the beginning of the year. I have noticed, though, that I’ve not been doing as much cardio as I was when I last lost weight. I started New Rules recently (just finished workout 3B) usually do one BodyPump class each week as well.

      1. ~jenniferlynn

        I don’t love running, so the weight lifting works for me.. hehe. I am truly inspired by all the races that you have run though!! I have a 5k in less than two weeks and tried to run on Sunday and nearly died.. I definitely admire someone that can run more than that!!

      2. Melissa Post author

        Haha. I’ve pretty much lost all my running endurance when I stopped after the marathon. That was a big factor in the weight I’ve gained since then. I’ve got a post for tomorrow about getting into running again.

        (and I used to hate running too)

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