Yeah, it’s been a while. Matt and I have been married for almost 4 weeks now and have been home for about 3. Since we got home (and starting on the honeymoon, really) I’ve been seriously struggling with eating healthy.

I can usually start off the day pretty well, but somewhere around 3:00 my willpower starts to fade and binge-eating takes over. Mostly its things like cereal, microwave light popcorn, rice cakes w/peanut butter. Anything that by itself wouldn’t be bad but when eaten together, or in larger quantities than should be eaten are.

Add to that holidays, vacations, “good” reasons (or excuses) for treats and several days of 100+ degree heat and I feel like I have no desire to go grocery shopping for more healthy stuff or eat the healthy stuff still in my kitchen.

I couldn’t seem to find that spark in me to get 100% on board with losing weight again. It made eating French fries and drinking lots of wine feel ok. It made skipping the gym feel ok.

Not anymore.

I’m done feeling & looking like crap.

I’m ready…stay tuned.

6 thoughts on “Struggling

  1. ~jenniferlynn

    I hate to see discouraging posts, but we all go through phases like that!
    What kind of diet are you following? Your 3:00 snackfest sounds exactly like how I used to be just a few months ago. My desk at work was stocked with oatmeal, Special K bars, rice cakes, a jar of peanut butter, and cereal.
    Lately I’ve been cutting out grains (at least during the week), and now do eggs and an avocado for breakfast, and nuts or a fruit for a snack. It is HARD to do, and I never thought I would give up my cereal or oatmeal, but my all-day snacking has significantly reduced! Have you tried upping your protein and healthy fats during the day? It’s amazing how it fills you up. For me, it seems like carbs fill me up, but then an hour later I’m on the hunt for more, hence the same “healthy snack” mentality like you have.
    I wish you the best of luck on getting back on track! Looking forward to following your progress 🙂

    1. Melissa Post author

      I too am a carbaholic! For my plans on how to lose weight again check back for today’s post ; )

      Summer is especially hard for me, as I’m a teacher. I only work part time in the summer, so I’m home most of the day. The added stress of getting married a month ago was the last straw.

      I hate writing downer posts, but I needed to get it off my chest and confess before jumping in with both feet again. Thanks for the kind words!

      1. Mom

        Stick with it Melissa, it only gets harder as you age. You can do it. Find something to do in the afternoon like clean your guest room, knit me something (start knitting things for Christmas presents-Christmas in July), clean out your drawers, closet, etc., go for a short walk if it’s too hot. Even iron some clothes!!. Something to keep your hands busy. You could even take a nap, then you won’t eat anything.

      2. Melissa Post author

        Iron clothes? That’s crazy talk! But seriously, with the wedding out of the way I feel so much less stress. I’ve also started running again, which, somehow, helps so much with my attitude. I’ve also filled up my recipe box with loads of healthy recipes I’ve copied from online.

      3. ~jenniferlynn

        If you were to tell me in February that I would break up with my carb addiction, I’d call you crazy. I’ve read so many stories of people who have said the same thing- that once you cut the carbs, you stop craving them.
        I would eat cereal/oatmeal for breakfast, often some sort of pasta/sandwich/lean cuisine/tortilla chips for lunch, and PASTA or rice almost every night. I know a lot of people suggest sticking with whole grains, but I’ve cut them out all together. (Well, Monday through Friday at least). I eat what I want on the weekends, but haven’t found it necessary to splurge (though I will enjoy a milkshake or flurrie frequently..). We have been doing Friday night pizza nights, but lately my love of pizza is dwindling too.. :\ Hehe.. I love how I look though compared to where I was a few months ago. I don’t need to lose weight, but I am a true believer that cutting back on ALL kinds of carbs/sugars will give results pretty quickly!

  2. Kristen

    Great mindset! When life hands you lemons, you start curling them with your massive biceps.


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