Test Run

So, now that the wedding is within reach (just 11 days!) it was time for my hair & makeup trial. Since I don’t have a person that regularly does my hair, and I didn’t want to pay $150+ for a ‘wedding’ pro to do it, I turned to my bridesmaids. Thankfully, bridesmaid A asked her stylist, who used to do full wedding parties on the reg, if she would be willing. Thankfully, she said yes! She also offered to do makeup as well.
So, Saturday I happened to have a cousins wedding to attend and thought it was the perfect occasion for a test run.
My hair is really thick so Tami had quite a challenge ahead of her. Here’s what we ended up with


Right side

Left side

Front. That last one also shows the makeup she did.

Now, I’ve only had pro makeup done once before, for prom, and I only did because I had a gift card to the salon. I like to think that I’m fairly good at doing my own makeup. I have a huge (drugstore) makeup collection and tons of brushes. It’s kind of my secret shame/hobby. I don’t often to full makeup, but when I do it’s really, really fun.
I loved my hair. I think it looked pretty chic and polished. We’ll do more volume on top for the wedding day, and because the ends started coming loose I’m going to ask for more of a sleek chignon instead of a messy bun.
But I didn’t love the makeup. I wasn’t a fan of the way she did my eye makeup, and think I do a better job myself. Exhibit A:


I also felt like the foundation she used didn’t give me great coverage. By the end of dinner, about 4 hours after makeup was put on, I could see the stupid pimple that just popped up on my chin.

So, this leads me to my decision to, wait for it, do my own wedding day makeup. I know what I like, I have nearly everything I need, and I’m free. 🙂
I did buy the lipstick she used on me. It was pricier than i usually go, but I’m also picky about lipstick and can never find a color I like. I think the only other new product I’ll get is some better foundation. I just used plain old Cover Girl clean, which I love for everyday. Something better for long wear and photos would look better though, I think.

And hey, if DIYing wedding makeup is good enough for the Duchess of Cambridge, it’s good enough for me!


6 thoughts on “Test Run

  1. ~jenniferlynn

    Definitely like your version better. I had makeup professionally done once and I felt like there were pounds of makeup caked on. I’m hooked on Bare Minerals – ever try?

    1. Melissa Post author

      Thanks! That was just done with the few products I had with me this weekend – my full makeup arsenal is insane!
      I’ve tried Bare Minerals before and like it, but it tends to get really oily after a few hours. Maybe it’s just my skin. I normally only wear full coverage foundation if my skin is crazy or it’s an all-night event. Maybelline’s mineral foundation actually works pretty well for me and costs a lot less than Bare Minerals!

      1. ~jenniferlynn

        One of my sisters loves the Maybelline one, too; her skin is on the oilier side, where mine isn’t.
        I’m sure it’ll look beautiful whatever you decide to do 🙂

      2. Melissa Post author

        I think I’m going to get Maybelline’s super stay foundation – it had pretty good ratings. Powder doesn’t seem to stay on as well for me.

    1. Melissa Post author

      Thanks! Yeah, after scouring the weddingbee forums and YouTube I’m dead set on painting my own face. Glad to hear from someone else who did too!


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