Checking In

Maybe after the wedding I’ll get back to regular blogging, huh? It seems like every day there’s something that distracts me from sitting down and writing.

I’ve been doing really well with hitting the gym. I’ve gone most every day the past 2 weeks, save for days out of town.

Here’s a little recap of my last few weeks:


volunteered at my first race,



made my own peanut butter (and yesterday made some almond butter),



lots of wedding stuff – including cut-and-pasting our ceremony elements,



been working through 30 day shred on light/no gym days. definitely been a saving grace for me since school let out,



LOTS of water, and have been loving my Blender Bottle for water lately, since it’s clear and lets me know how much to go,



lots of salads with lots of veggies, especially for lunch,



(still) weird cat getting comfy in weird places,




lots of smoothies. yum.


celebrated my birthday with carrot cake & candles Matt brought home,



got a much-needed haircut (and bangs! which I think need to be shorter and/or heavier),



got this book and nearly finished it on the train,



celebrated my birthday with my family with this awesome cake

I also had my bachelorette party – but haven’t gotten any pictures from it yet! We kept it low-key with mani/pedis, wine tasting, dinner, and then drinks on the patio. It was fun and just what I needed.

I’ve also followed some advice I found a thread on My Fitness Pal regarding caloric intake. It’s also been talked about as a great way to get over a plateau, which I’ve been seemingly sitting on for a long while. They eat their TDEE (total daily energy expenditure) and have success losing weight while still eating a reasonable amount of food. And it makes so much sense. So today I reset my calorie target and its over 2,000/day. Now, that accounts for exercise, but it seems like so much! After sticking to 1400-1600 for a while, it’s going to take a bit of planning to hit that number. But if that’s what it takes – I’m down for it!

3 thoughts on “Checking In

  1. ~jenniferlynn

    I am working on NROLFW, too, and LOVE it! It’s a super empowering book and for me, was an awesome motivator to get me to look at working out in a new perspective other than cardio and “barbie” weights that they gear towards women.
    I’d be interested in hearing about your progress if you plan on blogging about it! 🙂

    1. Melissa Post author

      I’ve been lifting for a few months now – I went through the first 9 weeks of Jamie Eason’s LiveFit trainer in the winter – but I need something a little simpler. The LiveFit workouts were taking forever. I’ll be starting NROLFW after my wedding/honeymoon in a few weeks and will most definitely be blogging my progress!

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      1. ~jenniferlynn

        A girl at my gym is doing the Jamie Eason program and NROLFW seems soo much better IMO 🙂
        This girl said she has to go to the gym 5-6 days a week, and it’s a struggle. I really like the structure of the NROLFW being only three days a week. I kind of modified it recently and skipped a couple stages, but I think it’s just such a great program to get started with!
        Good luck! 🙂 and Congrats on the wedding!

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