Weekly Wrap-up


Last week’s setup ended up looking something like this:


Monday – bodypump unexpected rest day. I did finish writing thank you notes and got a few other wedding-related things done. Being out of town for the wedding threw me off a bit.

Tuesday – 30 day shred, run/cardio check! I actually went to the gym early with the hope of going to Bodypump, but it was already full! I ended up on the elliptical for 20 minutes, than came home and shredded.

Wednesday – 30 day shred, run/cardio – half check! I got a later start than planned, so instead of going out for a run I did a quick 10 min Pilates video instead.

Thursday – bodypump, cxworx – another half check, but I ended up subbing 30 day shred for cxworx.

Friday – 30 day shred or rest – Shred! I also worked at the gym and ended up walking about 1.5 miles during my shift.

Saturday – 30 day shred, run/cardio – got in a quick gym run between volunteering for a race and working in the afternoon. Did 2:3 min. run/walk intervals and New Rules of Lifting for Women workout 1

Sunday – bodycombat, cxworx – nope. I took it pretty easy yesterday – no actual workout, but I walked between 1-2 miles during my shift at the gym and also did a bunch of squats and lunges since there was no one in the weight room most of the afternoon!



Monday – chicken breast, veggies – nope. I actually don’t remember what I had, since I didn’t track it. Oops.

Tuesday – crockpot salsa chicken tacos – yup. And they were delicious!

Wednesday – tilapia, veggie, cheddar garlic biscuits – done! again, delicious. Even though I ate way too many biscuits.

Thursday – burgers, potatoes/fries – changed this up when I was at the grocery store Tuesday and decided to make taco salad instead.

Friday – leftovers/Matt cooks – leftover day is the best, isn’t it?

Saturday – stuffed peppers – nope. we ended up going out to eat since I had a coupon for a free sandwich from Ruby Tuesday for my birthday!

Sunday – leftovers, pizza? easy, with minimal cleanup and prep required.

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