Monday Setup–32 Days!

Yup, just 32 days until Matt & I are married!

This weeks schedule is a little crazy – but what else is new? It IS the last week of school, though, so things will definitely be calmer starting next Monday. I will be very glad to have the extra time. I’ve been putting off a few wedding projects + things like programs and menus that re finally getting finalized.

I’ve also got my bachelorette party this weekend! That also means that I’ll be staying at my moms house, with no access to my regular gym. My sister does get a free guest each visit at her gym, so that’s a possibility for workouts, too. If not, I can always hit the pavement for a run!

Here’s what I have planned for my moves and eats this week:


Monday – 30 Day shred, Bodypump, maybe a run?

Tuesday – 30 day shred, short run

Wednesday – 30 day shred, run/walk

Thursday – bodypump OR 30 day shred + run

Friday – 30 day shred + run OR bodypump

Saturday – run outside or gym with my sister

Sunday – run outside or gym w/sister



Monday – grilled chicken salad

Tuesday – stuffed peppers

Wednesday – leftovers/salad

Thursday – fish, veggies, sweet potato

Friday – Subway or food from home (on the train)

Saturday – Bachelorette party!!!

Sunday – no clue – will keep it as healthy as possible


Looks pretty straightforward, right? I’ll check back next week to see how I did!

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