Week in Review, 4/30-5/6


I posted this setup last week, for the week of April

Monday – bodypump check!
Tuesday – cardio/plank a day check!
Wednesday – spin class, plank a day check!
Thursday – bodypump, cxworx check! loved getting this done early in the morning!
Friday – spin class, plank a day 3 curcuits from Banish Fat Boost Metabolism DVD, 10 minutes abs
Saturday – treadmill run, plank a day elliptical, 30 min (hotel treadmill was broken Sad smile)

Sunday – rest

Made all my workout goals this week. Let me tell you, getting in some super sweaty elliptical intervals Saturday morning at the hotel felt awesome.

I’ve been feeling pretty on the ball with my workouts lately, but my nutrition is all over the place. I tend to do really well until I get home from work (or at work, if the teacher has candy around.) I seem to turn into a snacking machine, which leaves me feeling super crappy and like a failure. If anyone has a cure for this, I’d love to know it!

Dinner plans:
Monday – chicken stir-fry check!
Tuesday – pork chops, asparagus, potato check! I roasted the asparagus til the ends were crispy and nearly inhaled them
Wednesday – spaghetti w/meat sauce check!
Thursday – leftovers check! the best dinner is the one that’s already cooked
Friday – rehearsal dinner – got salmon, baked potato, and asparagus. also ended up eating 3 rolls while waiting since I was so hungry. grrr.
Saturday – friends wedding – they had pasta, salad, garlic breadsticks. it was a semi-outdoor wedding, and a hot day, so I only had (I think) 1/2 glass of wine with dinner, and a beer after.

Sunday – didn’t plan this one, since I wasn’t sure when we’d get home. we ended up eating leftovers with some friends and the newlyweds for lunch before leaving for home. I ate about 6 breadsticks while waiting for pasta to heat. I did also have 2 heaping plates of salad, so I guess that’s balance? I still feel super bloated from all the carbs, though.

It’s a new week, with a new chance to step over the obstacles that get in my way. Hope you had a great week, too!

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