A Hair Affair

This post is totally silly, self-indulgent, and not about fitness in any way, shape, or form. So I won’t blame you if you don’t read, Dad.

Me and my hair have a long (ha), storied history together.

For many years, I had very long hair. This is from high school, probably the beginning of junior year, so 2002-ish. (side note: is that really 10 years ago?) Long, straight, boring. NOT a good look, even though I liked it at the time.


That spring, I had the sudden urge to chop it off. I actually went home and asked my mom to do it, so I didn’t lose my courage while waiting for a salon appointment. For a while after that, I went back and forth between long and short.


This one is from college, a short hair phase. I’d actually just cut off about 4 inches (again) before that year started.



Back to long-ish hair again. This is (I think) Thanksgiving or Christmas 2009. I had some bangs, but they were a little grown out here.



In 2010, shortly after moving, I decided to chop it off again. I found my stylist via her salons TV ad, and just went with it. She turned out to be awesome (thank goodness!) and I’ve been going back ever since.

I love this cut. Short graduated bob (shorter in the back), lots of layers, and bangs. Oh, the bangs. I miss them. They make my face look good.



Christmas 2010. Not super styled – it was Christmas morning, after all. Bangs are grown out a bit, but I was still sticking with short. I’m pretty sure I couldn’t even pull it into a ponytail here. It made working out a little rough.

I pretty much stuck with this cut – short, side bangs, lots’o’layers – until about June of 2011. I realized I wanted to grow it out a bit, both for the wedding and my own sake. I was starting to hate having to do my hair everyday instead of being able to throw it in a bun or something, as well as more versatility.

Here’s where it is now:


From our wedding shower a few weekends ago. At this point, it’d been about 5 1/2 months since my last cut, there is little style to speak of, and I usually last about 3 hours, max, before pulling it into a pony because it drives me nuts.

View of the back and front length. The second picture I took when out shopping with my mom and she spotted some awesome fascinators at Burlington Coat Factory. I kinda really love that white one.



So, that brings us to now. Actually, the future. I’m getting my hair cut (finally!) in about 2 weeks. I’m thinking about getting something similar to these on Reese and Jessica. They’re pretty close to what my hair already is doing, just a little more polished. And with bangs. I’ve been wanting them again lately, but everyone tells me to wait til after the wedding. Why? If I want them, like the look of them, why not?





I’m thinking about doing something like this on the wedding day – half-up with curls, or maybe a low, loose updo. I’ve seen so many photos like this and think they look fabulous. We aren’t having an outdoor ceremony so I’m not too worried about how the weather will affect my hair anyway.



I’d eventually like to try this style out, too, but I think I’ll wait until after the wedding to do that. I haven’t had all-the-way-across bangs since I was little and it’s a bit drastic for me. My sister has them, though, and rocks ‘em. (This isn’t my sister, haha.)



So, that’s my little bit of silliness for today. I guess I’ll check back in a few weeks and let you know what I decided!

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