May day

Quick check-in on my iPhone during lunch. It’s been one of those days already. The rain is not helping.

I did, however, manage to book a haircut – only have to wait 2 weeks! Very glad, especially since it’s been 6 months since my last cut. Eep! I also was able to change the time of my hair/makeup trial. It was supposed to be at 1, but I have a cousins wedding to go to at 3 (originally I thought it wasn’t til 5.) my stylist was available earlier and I moved it up a couple hours. Whew. It’s probably a more realistic-to-the-wedding-day time anyway. Speaking of, I’m Skype chatting with my photographer this week to figure out what time she’ll be starting with us. Her contract is for 8 hours and I don’t know if she should start earlier and leave the reception an hour or so early, or stay til the end of the reception. We can always pay her for an extra hour, but I’d like to avoid dipping into the money more than i have to.

The next few weeks til schools out are going to be rough, I can tell. I’m super busy and the kids are pretty much done already. I think my classes will be watching a movie or two

But, it’s May. Which means June – and the wedding – are just around the corner. I couldn’t be more excited.

Lunch today had some super fresh strawberries. Best time of the year.


Have a great Monday!

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