Things have been busy around here. Two weekends ago Matt & I attended our awesome wedding shower. I finally finished and sent out invitations this afternoons. Those things were taking over my life.


I feel like a giant weight was lifted of my shoulders when I handed them to the post office lady. I also ordered and bought a bunch of other wedding stuff this weekend. I need to make several phone calls but I hate doing that so they keep getting pushed back. I need to fix that.

Working out has been going well. I’m at a solid 4 days a week minimum, hoping to get back to 5-6. Weekends have been difficult, especially when we’re traveling.

I was supposed to be running a half marathon in 3 weeks (hadn’t registered yet) and made the decision today not to run it. I haven’t run in several weeks and haven’t really desired to. I’ve had a weird foot pain, too, which has been keep keeping me from running. I did, however, apply to volunteer for the race. I’ve always wanted to, but was usually running in them! Maybe this will help me want to run again. I do love how I look and feel when running regularly.

I did a few elliptical interval workouts last week that totally kicked my butt. Love it!

On the weights front, I have been doing bodypump almost exclusively as my strength workouts. I freaking love that class and am beginning to want to get certified to teach in the future.


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