Pinned this Week (2)

Now that it’s April, I feel like spring is *officially* here. Even though it’s felt more like summer here the past few days, what with it being 90 degrees and all.

The warmer weather has my mind turning to fresh spring outfits, lots of fruit, and lots of craft projects to fill up my summer vacation. Getting married is somewhere in there, too.

So, here’s what I’m loving from Pinterest this week:

banana caramel cream dessert – three of my favorite flavors!

Pinned here


I love the look of this outfit and think it would be perfect on the plane heading to our honeymoon spot. Or anytime during the summer. The white looks so fresh and crisp.

Pinned here

Truth. I can’t believe there are still people who haven’t read this series.

Pinned here


Yup. I want this in poster form to remind me every day.

Pinned here


Cute! Matt I have so many t-shirts that have seen better days. This would be perfect on those summer days when just thinking of blow-drying my hair makes me overheated.

Pinned here


So, that’s what I’m digging this week. What are your current obsessions?


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