Monday Monday

Well, hello Monday! It came and went so fast – and I didn’t even work today.

March Mini-Goals


work out more days than not check! I averaged about 4 days a week. I’d love to get up to 5 days, but a head cold and travelling got in my way a bit this month.

continue to eat healthy 80% of the time check – I think? This is hard to judge, but I think I ate healthy at least 60% – all that math is time-consuming.

get back to tracking calories at least 5 days a week half-check. I kind of fell off the tracking train at the beginning of the month, but after downloading a new app I’ve been tracking nearly every day. (It’s the LoseIt app, by the way. Super user friendly.)

lose at least 3 lbs. – this would get me into the next “decade” of weight nope. I’m actually (as of this morning) 0.4 lbs higher than on March 1. My clothes aren’t fitting any differently, I haven’t taken measurements, but I don’t feel any bigger. In fact, my tummy/hip area looks like it might be a bit smaller?

read at least one book Nope. I started a few, though, if that counts for anything. I guess it’s an off month for me, reading-wise.

finish my table numbers for the wedding (they’re almost done!), along with 1 other DIY project another half-check. They’re getting there. My computer locking up didn’t really help things.

– spend at least 10 minutes each day cleaning/tidying the house. this would be way better than having to do all the cleaning on Saturday/Sunday and it taking a long time Ha! This sooo did not happen. A friend unexpectedly coming to stay Saturday night put us into super-speedy cleaning mode, though, so we made up for lost time.

– keep up with the laundry. try not to let it get past the hamper and 1 full basket (with 2 people’s work clothes, gym clothes, and after-work clothes/pajamas, it tends to pile up really fast!) Yes! Until last week, that is. Oh well – 3 weeks is a pretty good streak.

April mini-goals

            Many of these look a lot like March goals. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right?

–          Exercise more days than not

–          Track food 5/7 days

–          Get out of  current weight decade (grrr)

–          Get back to planning healthy dinners

–          Cut back on candy – no more eating while at school!

–          Finish 2 wedding projects (table numbers, invites)

here’s a few snapshots of the past few days:



One of my favorite nail colors – OPI’s India Mood for Love


I can’t believe my hair is getting so long!


Been digging inspirational/motivational quotes lately.


After today’s super hot and sweaty run. I actually cut it short because of the heat!


And today’s workout:

– 30 minute CXWorx (core) class

– run (see above)

– 60 minute BodyPump class



B: 2 eggs, 2 oz cubed ham, English muffin, 1 cup pineapple, coffee

S: 2 mini Reese’s

L: banana, turkey & cheddar sandwich, popcorn

S: honey bunches of oats w/milk

D: salad w/sharp cheddar, tomato, light caesar; 3 oz whole wheat pasta w/.5 cup pasta sauce, 1 can tuna, 1 oz mozzarella

Lots of water!


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