Wedding Wednesday

So, when I logged into my WeddingWire account this morning, this greeted me:

99 days

How did we get into double digits! I feels like we just got engaged and had nearly 2 years before our wedding date. Now it’s just over 3 months away. Holy crap.

I haven’t updated in a while about wedding stuff, but here’s a quick snapshot of what we’ve been up to.


Back in December, not long before Christmas, I met all my bridesmaids at Davids Bridal to try on dresses. I had some ideas in mind, and really just wanted to see what looked good on everyone and what they all liked. My intention wasn’t to wear matching dresses, but it happened anyway. After everyone tried on about 3 or 4, this dress was sticking in my mind.

It’s super flattering – the ruched waistband, the thick straps, and even the just-above-the-knee length was a hit. Even better? Because I’d bought my dress there, all the girls got 20% theirs. Score! You know I love a good deal. (This isn’t my color – they’re wearing the lapis, a super deep, eggplant-y purple.) I can’t wait to see them all in it.


Then, last week while killing some time at the mall, I came across these little things.


I’d ordered a great purple pair from Zappos, but they didn’t really work with my dress. After giving up on finding purple heels – they’re all either really expensive, too hooker-y, or both – I started to focus on finding a great ivory pair. Bergner’s was having a huge “85% off clearance price” sale to make room for summer merchandise and I saw these on the clearance rack. They were my size, the perfect 2 1/2” heel height, peep-toe and – the best part – way under my $50 shoe budget and $15.00. Really. These are regular $79 shoes, marked down, then 85% off the marked down price. Another great deal! I won’t be able to try them with my dress for a few weeks, but I’m really, really hoping they work. Another thing checked off the list!

Last time we were in town we also ordered our cake! It’s from a not-too-fancy (but delicious) bakery and an awesome price. At the outset of wedding planning, I’d figured on getting a small tiered cake and a sheet cake to supplement. It’s a great way to save money. But at our bakery, we didn’t have to. The price was already great!

We have our cake topper as well – a pretty little Irish porcelain figurine that belongs to my grandparents.

Hmm…what else? Oh, we picked out the tuxes in December, too, and everyone has already been measured. Score!

I found a seamstress – a lady that Matt’s mom has gone to for years. I need to give her a call and set up a first fitting. Time to stop eating bread, I guess!

We also booked our honeymoon! Found a gorgeous B&B at a great price, then immediately booked our flights as well. We are both so excited to take a trip sans family or other obligations. It’s been quite a while since we took a weekend away without a list of things to do or without family around. For now, I’m keeping the location secret. ; )

Not too many pictures to post – I’m trying to save everything so it’s a surprise for guests, and several of them read this little thing.

I still can’t believe we’re just over 3 months away from (finally) being married. I still have a mile-long list of things to do, but it’s slowly but surely being chipped away. Sitting down for a few hours to complete DIY projects really can take a lot out of you.

So, that’s a little recap on what our wedding has been up to. I can’t wait!

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