Pinned this Week

So, you know I have an unhealthy obsession with Pinterest. I also have a really bad habit of “liking” other people’s pins and then never assigning them to a board. So, in the spirit of organization, here are five of my favorites that I’ve “liked” recently – and now have a new home on a pinboard.


This would be a perfect honeymoon outfit. Or, you know, anytime this summer.

Pinned here


Chocolate peanut butter pretzel bars. Incorporates my three favorite treat flavors.

Pinned here


I love this makeup look. And the bangs. Oh, how I miss bangs – I’ve actually been talked down from chopping them again until after the wedding.

Pinned here


Fried goat cheese. I don’t think I need to say many more words than that.

Pinned here


I so wish I could put posters of this all over school, wear it on a t-shirt, and make all my students look at it ten times a day. Too many of them don’t realize that it’s true.

Pinned here

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