Weekly Setup March 5 – 11

February 27 – March 4, planned vs. actual:

Monday – bodypump, maybe spin beforehand – unexpected rest day. bodypump was cancelled and I didn’t find out until about an hour before. I was already at home and totally lost my motivation

Tuesday – rest day or Livefit day 60, depending on how long my oral surgeon consult takes – ended up taking BodyCombat class in the evening

Wednesday -  either bodypump or LiveFit day 60/61, depends if i work in the AM and what Matt is up to – went to BodyPump since it was cancelled Monday and had a great class

Thursday – bodycombat and weights from livefit day 61/62 – LiveFit day 60 (legs) and it was a killer!

Friday – livefit – rest

Saturday – run outside, it should actually be warm(er) and fairly nice! – rest (so lazy)

Sunday – rest or run outside, depends how sore/tired i am – rest (lazy, again)

This was kind of a lazy week for me. I know it’s good to take rest and stepback weeks on occasion, but I still can’t help feeling like I failed. Oh well. I had a lot of nice relaxation time, got several loads of laundry done, and was able to celebrate Matt’s birthday Friday evening.

On to the new week! Running is getting thrown back in the mix, as I’m gearing up to train for a half marathon in May.

– Monday March 5

  • planned: LiveFit Day 61 – back/biceps/abs/cardio or Bodypump, run

– Tuesday March 6

  • planned: BodyCombat

– Wednesday March 7

  • planned: Bodypump or LiveFit Day 61, run

– Thursday March 8

  • planned: LiveFit Day 62 – shoulders/triceps/calves/cardio

– Friday March 9

  • planned: LiveFit Day 64 – quads/calves or run

– Saturday March 10

  • planned: Long run (outside?!?) or rest

– Sunday March 11

  • planned: Rest or long run


Friday’s #photoaday challenge – fruit. I love when my produce drawer is full like this!

Have you set up your week?


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