March Mini-Goals


Can you really believe we’re 1/5 of the way done with 2012? I know i sure can’t, but I’m also really excited to get through the year. it holds some very exciting things for me – 4 weddings, including my own, are the major highlight.

At the very beginning of the year I wrote out some goals, resolutions if you will, for the whole year. i never posted about them, but I’d like to start making them into mini-goals for each month, as a way to get to the bigger ones.


– work out more days than not

– continue to eat healthy 80% of the time

– get back to tracking calories at least 5 days a week (I usually give myself a break on weekends, since there’s more snacking/grazing than M-F)

– lose at least 3 lbs. – this would get me into the next "decade" of weight

– read at least one book

– finish my table numbers for the wedding (they’re almost done!), along with 1 other DIY project

– spend at least 10 minutes each day cleaning/tidying the house. this would be way better than having to do all the cleaning on Saturday/Sunday and it taking a long time

– keep up with the laundry. try not to let it get past the hamper and 1 full basket (with 2 people’s work clothes, gym clothes, and after-work clothes/pajamas, it tends to pile up really fast!)


Also – happy 24th birthday to my brother and sister. (Yes, they’re twins – and were very close to being leap year babies)


Flashback from their 21st birthday hoopla.


And a (belated) happy birthday to my other sibling, who turned 21 on the 28th of February


Just a few candles short!


Hope you are all enjoying the day!


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