Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail

Or not.

We’re just gonna ignore the last couple of weeks. I’ll explain why below.

Here’s the plan for this week, February 27 – March 4:

Monday – bodypump, maybe spin beforehand

Tuesday – rest day or Livefit day 60, depending on how long my oral surgeon consult takes

Wednesday -  either bodypump or LiveFit day 60/61, depends if i work in the AM and what Matt is up to

Thursday – bodycombat and weights from livefit day 61/62

Friday – livefit

Saturday – run outside, it should actually be warm(er) and fairly nice!

Sunday – rest or run outside, depends how sore/tired i am

I’m getting over the world’s longest cold, but generally feeling a lot better, especially when i can remember to take medicine for congestion. took almost a week off from the gym, which i think my body needed. the following week i took it a little easier and didn’t get to as many classes as usual, just 1 bodycombat on Tuesday.


I’ve still been working through the livefit 12 week program, usually about 2 – 3 days of it a week, depending on my schedule and how many fitness classes i go to. on Thursday i started phase 3, which is weeks 9 – 12. this is considered a "cutting" phase, with lots of HIIT and sprints to keep muscle while shedding fat.  it;s definitely a change from the previous 8 weeks, but i kinda like it. during the leg workout, day 57, i was drenched in sweat after my workout – and there wasn’t even a cardio component! The workouts incorporate active rest where you do things like mountain climbers or jump rope then go right into the next set (accidentally wrote "sweat" instead – telling?). ADD0FDB9-C77C-42D1-9971-AFC1DA87D0D8

i feel like even though I’ve been working out a ton, and I’m definitely seeing muscle growth – especially in my upper body, i haven’t really been losing any weight or inches. this probably means that I’m eating too much or not the right things. so, I’m going to try to clean up my eats. no more candy when i sub and the teacher has some on the desk. i need to cut back on the bag of popcorn or couple pieces of toast as a late night snack. instead, if i really am hungry, i should have a piece of fruit or some cottage cheese instead – a lot fewer calories, will keep me fuller, and won’t make my tummy bloated. I’ve got just over 100 days until the wedding, and will hopefully be doing my first fitting sometime in late march/early April and I’d like to lose a few more pounds before then.

i just can’t believe how hard it’s been trying to lose weight this time around, versus the first time i lost a lot of weight. i feel like the first 20 lbs. came of without even trying – and now it’s like pulling teeth to lose 0.20 pounds. Grr.

this losing weight and keeping it off thing is really hard, guys.

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