Monday Setup, Week 2

Last Monday I posted my planned workouts for the week. How did I do?

  • Monday (today) – LiveFit Day 50 – arms/abs/30 min cardio – check!
  • Tuesday – BodyCombat class – check!
  • Wednesday – BodyPump + 20 min cardio no extra cardio, but Bodypump was great!
  • Thursday – BodyFlow or BodyCombat (depends how sore I am!) I ended up going to Bodyflow and it was just what my sore muscles needed
  • Friday – LiveFit Day 51 – legs, 20 min easy cardio – check!
  • Saturday – LiveFit Day 52 – chest/abs/30 min cardio – nope. Matt & I ended up doing laundry, cleaning, and running a few errands instead of going to the gym
  • Sunday – rest and enjoy Superbowl goodies! – went to the gym for a quick 20 min incline walk on the treadmill since I skipped Saturday. Then completely overindulged on Superbowl food.

I’m feeling a lot better in my clothes lately. I snapped this last week at work when I was feeling somewhat stylish.

  • photo 2

  Tank & jeans – Old Navy, Blazer – Target, Flats – Payless

Soo…Bodypump last night was a killer. We’ve finished our 4 weeks of the release 80, so now it’s time to mix things up.

Here’s the tracklist:

Warmup 78 – Saturday
Squats 78 – Beautiful Monster
Chest 80 – Smells Like Teen Spirit
Back 78 – Tonight is the Night 2K10 
Triceps 79 – Born This Way
Biceps 78 – Raise Your Glass
Lunges 80 – Fading Like A Flower
Shoulders 79 – J’Adore Hardcore
Abs 80 – Rolling In The Deep 

And here’s my weekly plan for Feb 6 – 12

  • Monday – Bodypump
  • Tuesday – Bodycombat
  • Wednesday – Bodypump
  • Thursday – Bodyflow or LiveFit Day 52
  • Friday – LiveFit Day 52/53
  • Saturday – LiveFit Day 53/54
  • Sunday – rest

It’s been a while since I talked about food, but here’s my tasty dinner from last night.

Black bean burrito using Beth’s recipe (seriously delicious) and a yummy salad with light Caesar dressing. Yum!

photo 5

Have you made any new & delicious recipes lately? Share in the comments!

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