From Pinterest, With Love

So, if you aren’t on or haven’t heard of Pinterest – consider yourself lucky. It’s a total time suck yet I can’t get enough. Basically, you
"pin” images to virtual pin boards from all over the internet. Food, clothes, home décor, you name it, it’s there.

Here’s a few of my favorites from this week:

We totally should have done this for our engagement pics. Or maybe for the wedding.

Pinned here

This would be an awesome craft project/home décor. Except maybe not in pink.

Pinned here

Dream office space. I love all the bins for staying organized.

Pinned here


I love this outfit – the gray/white/silver combo sounds so boring but looks so chic and simple. And I love those flats – even though they’re probably way our of my price range!

Pinned here


And one of the many recipes I’ve pinned yet still haven’t tried – pretzel bites. These would be perfect at our Superbowl party next weekend.

Pinned here

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