Monday Setup

The past few weeks, I’ve committed to getting fit, losing the rest of the weight, and getting to the gym more often. There’s one big thing that I’ve done at the beginning of each week – plan all my workouts and write them in my calendars. (Yes, calendars. I keep track on both Google via iPhone and my daybook.)

Here’s what this week looks like:

Monday (today) – planned: bodypump + 20 min cardio. actual: LiveFit Day 50 – arms/abs/30 min cardio

Tuesday – BodyCombat class

Wednesday – BodyPump + 20 min cardio

Thursday – BodyFlow or BodyCombat (depends how sore I am!)

Friday – LiveFit Day 51 – legs, 20 min easy cardio

Saturday – LiveFit Day 52 – chest/abs/30 min cardio

Sunday – rest and enjoy Superbowl goodies!

I’m planning on making this a weekly series – putting my planned workouts here to keep me accountable and then checking back in when the week is over to see how I did!

I finally figured out how to approve photos others post of me on Facebook. I know, I’m a little behind.

This one is from Halloween. We just had a few people over to our place for a last-minute shindig. Since Matt and I are so not a costume-y couple we went as each other. Yup, he went as a marathon runner (complete with bib and medal – but no short-shorts) and I went as a reporter. I even had a press pass and reporters notebook. But alas, my story never went to print.

From Facebook – Thanks Mary!

Also – I need to wear more blazers. They make me look good!

Want to be held accountable, too? Post your weekly workouts in the comments and I’ll check in with you next week!

Do you plan out your workouts ahead of time or just do what you feel in the gym?

4 thoughts on “Monday Setup

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  2. dad

    is that lois lane ?? if so, mild mannered clark kent must be in the background. hope your meeting or exceeding your plans for the week. have a happy superbowl, luv ya daddy

  3. kristen

    I totally do exactly this with my workouts! Plan them out and then edit haha. Here’s my week!

    Sunday: rest after carrying a bajillion boxes up the stairs Saturday
    Monday: planned to run 4 but forgot to pack a sports bra so I swam 800m
    Tuesday: finally run 4
    Wednesday: run 5
    Thursday: bike 12
    Friday: yoga
    Saturday: run 3 and do Jillian

    I never share my workouts. Maybe I should do it more often to hold myself accountable! Good luck with your fit week!


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