January Photo Dump

So, how about that unplanned and unexpected blogging hiatus?

I totally intended on starting off the new year with a bang – blogging about my goals for 2012, catching up on wedding fun, and sharing lots of recipes. And then…life happened. In a good way, I mean. I’ve been busy – hitting the gym nearly every night and enjoying lots of fun, new classes. Matt & I have been cooking a lot and have hardly gone out to eat in the past month. Blogging just took a backseat to getting stuff done in real life.

While in Chicago a few weekends ago we met up with our photographer so she could deliver this piece of awesome:


A gorgeous canvas from our engagement session. It’s huge – 20”x30’” – and looks amazing hanging over our couch.

Here’s a few more things my iPhone captured this month:


Tomato soup, grilled cheese, and pickles Yum.


Doorstop cat.


Save the Dates!


Ugly postcard stamp!


They’re done! Now to start on invites!


Curly! I love that my hair is getting long enough to do this again.


Speaking of hair – it’s getting long! Picture on left is form May, right is from a couple weeks ago. Yay!



New shoes! My feet have been hurting during bodycombat and bodypump class and I’m hoping these lighter-weight ones will help with that. And I love the color!

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