Second to Last


Well, I’m back from an unplanned, but much-needed, blogging and technology break! Matt & I were able to spend 4 days up north with our families for Christmas. It was so nice to not have to rush off Sunday afternoon to get home for work Monday morning.

We enjoyed a relaxing Christmas Eve with Matt’s family and then mine. Christmas day was relaxing as well, and we were able to again spend time with both families. I actually didn’t even take any pictures myself because I was so caught up in enjoying family time.

My sister came down to visit for a few days and to also help me with some wedding projects. We got two big ones done and I’ll (hopefully) be writing some posts about them soon. I don’t want to give too much away, though!

Kelly & I went to Les Mills Fusion class at the gym Wednesday night – our first gym trip since Friday. It was pretty killer, especially the shoulders portion. Ouch.

We took a rest day yesterday in order to finish up projects – and because we were really sore.

Today I got back in for a nice upper body session + 1 mile on the treadmill.

  • bicep curls 3×10 20lb EZ bar
  • triceps dips 3×10 bodyweight
  • overhead triceps dumbbell extension 3×10 15 lb.
  • upright row 3×10 20 lb. EZ bar
  • shoulder press 3×10 20 lb. EZ bar
  • seated cable row 3×10 55lb
  • lat pull-down 3×10 55lb
  • incline dumbbell chest press 3×10 10lb
  • cable fly 3×10 30lb
  • rear delt cable fly 3×10 10lb
  • anterior delt raise 3×10 5lb
  • bent-over rear delt raise 3×10 2.5lb plates
  • bent-over rear delt fly 3×10 2.5lb plates

And guess what I saw in the mirror when I was doing those rear delt moves? My shoulder muscles popping out! I had a visible triangle of muscle and I just about squealed with joy on the weight room floor. Until I remembered that there were a bunch of guys in there, too.

Tomorrow’s plan is either an outdoor run or treadmill run/legs.

In other news, I got a new phone today – the iPhone 4s! It was my Christmas gift from my mom (thanks mom!) and I’m so so happy. My poor old 3gs was starting to get so slow with the new iOS 5. I also got a pretty Otter box case to protect it from the world. 

Be back tomorrow with a look back at my 2011 resolutions and what I have in store for 2012!

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