Baby, It’s Cold Outside

It’s that time of year again. The weather is getting cold, the leaves are gone off the trees, and there is a coating of frost (or snow!) on your car in the morning.

Runner’s World has a great what to wear gadget on their site. Simply plug in the current temp, conditions, and whether you like to be cool or warm when running and it’ll tell you what it thinks you should wear to be most comfortable.

My rule of thumb is to add 15 – 20 degrees to the temp and dress like you were going for a walk in the new (warmer) temperature. So, if it’s 30 degrees you’d dress like it was really 50. Once you start running your body will heat up. Dressing for warmer weather will prevent overheating and excessive sweating. And yes, both of those things can happen in the winter time.

I start with a compression base layer, something that will wick the sweat away but keep cold out. I have a few tops from the Target clearance rack a few years ago. Though I don’t wear them a lot, they’ve held up really well.

Over that I like to throw on another long sleeve layer, preferably thermal or wind-resistant.

This Nike 1/2-zip is from Running Warehouse.

On the bottom I like to wear running tights. No, they aren’t the most flattering thing, but they sure do keep you warm and comfy.

These are also Nike, from Running Warehouse, which is the best place to get gear for less than full price. I have a similar pair, from a few years ago, and they were a great investment.


I love these ear warmers from 180s and wear them all the time in the winter. I’ve seen them at Kohl’s, Target, and tons of other stores, too. They keep your ears toasty without making your head too sweaty or squishing a ponytail.


I also have a great fleece hat from Nike that I like to wear when it’s especially cold or windy. Mine actually has a little hole in the back to pull my ponytail through, but I don’t quite have enough hair for that right now. Maybe next winter.  Winking smile


These running gloves from Target would be a great addition to your cold weather outfit. Personally, I don’t have fancy gloves to wear running because my hands heat up pretty quickly. I actually wear those $1 magic gloves (I have a few pairs) and they usually end up tucked into my Spibelt after a mile or two. Bonus: they’re great for throwaways in a race and for wiping your nose. (Don’t pretend it doesn’t happen in the winter. We’ve all been there)

15k 3

Put it all together and you’ve got a nice warm outfit for your next run or race. And hopefully a smile to go with it.


So, what is your essential piece of winter running gear?


Side note: none of the companies I’ve linked to know who I am and the opinions are all my own.

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