Walking on Jell-O

I had another great workout yesterday. In your face, lazypants!

It was a legs & abs day with no cardio. I’m still following the Live Fit program and did Day 15, which consisted of leg extensions, barbell squats, walking barbell lunges, lying leg curls, and both seated & standing calf raises. Needless to say, I feel like I’m walking on Jell-O legs this morning.

That was followed up by another group fitness class – Ab Assassin. It’s only 20 minutes long, which is perfect for abs. Any longer and I feel like I lose form and am wasting time. The routine was 3 circuits with 3 exercises each, with a 30 second plank in the middle. It made the class fly by and I am definitely feeling it today. photo 3

Taken in the locker room, before I got all sweaty. Gut, I will not be seeing you much longer!

My eats were pretty great yesterday, too. I opened up a pomegranate and mixed some seeds in with my Greek yogurt for lunch. I also had some quinoa and an orange on the side. Yum!

photo 2

And to spread a little holiday cheer, here’s a (crappy iPhone) picture of our Christmas tree! Thanks to my parents for handing down their old one to replace the 2.5-footer from last year. This thing is seriously massive, and I’m thankful that we actually have the space for it! All that’s left is a tree skirt and a topper and then we’ll be in business.

photo 1

Hope you have a great Wednesday!

Question: Do you already have your tree up?

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