Turkey or chicken?

Which one am I?

I don’t really have any excuse for not writing other than I’ve actually been busy with life. Gym going has picked up again (yay) and its nice to feel sore muscles.

Only 3 days until thanksgiving, which I will be celebrating apart from my family for the first time.

It also means there are only three days of school this week, wahoo!

Engagement pictures are done and on our photographers website. I’m working on a post about them and the shoot.

I feel like wedding planning has finally kicked into high gear. Finally.

Work is going well. It’s been busy, which means $$

Since I’ve got a 4 day weekend coming up I’m hoping to get some blog posts written along with cleaning the apartment, putting up Christmas tree, and working on some gifts.

Speaking of Christmas tree, we have a normal sized one this year. Thanks to my awesome parents, who gave us their old tree. We have to fluff and put in each individual branch, but it sure beats a 3 foot tree.

Well, I’d better finish my lunch before the bell rings. Have a great Monday!

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