Virtual Chicago


Another run today! Sadly, it was on the treadmill instead of the road, but I don’t need to get sick from running in the pouring rain.

I also discovered a really cool feature on the treadmill at my gym. I usually just watch TV (without sound) but today I saw a new option on the screen. The Virtual Active option let me run in one of several locations. I chose Chicago, because it’s familiar to me and because I’m running there on Saturday for the Hot Chocolate 15k this Saturday.

Here’s a screenshot I grabbed while I was running along the lakefront. I have to say, even though I only ran 2 miles today, running “in a city” made the time go by much faster than just watching TV.


After running a quick 2 miles I went downstairs for a 20 minute abs class. I went Tuesday as well, and I am feeling it. I used to go to a 1 hour Pilates class every week when I lived up north, and I can really tell that I’ve lost a lot of strength in that area.

To keep with the fitness and running theme of the evening, I also attended a meeting for the local Road Runners club. They happen every other month, and I wasn’t an official member last time, so it was kind of exciting. I was glad to see lots of familiar faces and meet some new ones. I also got a free coffee mug!

Oh, Matt and I also have engagement pictures this Saturday and I have no clue what I’m wearing. Probably shouldn’t have left that to the last minute.

I better end this so I can get laundry put away, start packing for the weekend, and maybe pick out some clothes for an important photo session.

Tell me: what makes a workout fly by for you? Good music? Pretty scenery? Kick-butt fitness instructor?

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