Marathon Part One

I’m finally home after a long, exhausting, amazing weekend.

Instead of writing an insanely long post about the marathon I’m gonna break it into two parts. This here post will recap the expo and pre-race stuff. (Or I may be sleepy and want to get part of it up before I hit the pillow. You choose.)

Marathon weekend started off early Saturday with a trip to Dunking Donuts for some carbs. One sesame seed bagel w/cream cheese and a large coffee later, I was good to go.


Yum. I wish there was one closer to my house.

We got to the expo a little before noon and got right to business. You know, striking silly poses and such.




I didn’t really take too many pictures this weekend. The expo was super crowded – Saturday afternoon – and I was just trying to soak up the experience. I picked up my bib, goodie bag, and a few things for race day. Matt and I walked around a little bit, but didn’t stay too long. We had other stuff to do, and he was getting freaked out by all the “crazy marathoners.”


Official race shirt. For some reason I registered for a medium (haha) but was able to exchange it for a larger size.


I also bought this cute official marathon shirt at the expo. There were a few others I wanted to buy, and now finisher’s apparel is available – my bank account cannot take it!

I did also buy a new running hat that I wore during the race, too. That actually was a necessary purchase – I haven’t been able to find my other one since we moved and it’s way nicer anyway.


At the Bank of America customer upgrade booth I just flashed my card and got this nice (free) water bottle.

Dinner was cooked by mom – rice, grilled chicken, green beans, stuffing, and pumpkin pie for dessert. Yum yum.

We got everything ready to wake up bright and early at 4am. My sister was actually volunteering and had to be there a bit earlier than I did.

I snapped these before heading out the door.


Electrical tape to write my name = awesome idea. Until it was falling off at the halfway point, it was so awesome to hear people cheering for me by name. Thanks for helping, Mom!


Mom snapped this one while we were waiting for my aunt to meet up with us – she ran the race too! There was a gorgeous sunrise peeking over the lake. At this moment it was finally starting to sink in that I was going to run 26.2 miles.

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