Wedding Wednesday Vol. 18

It’s been a while, hasn’t it?

Back in September, while Matt & I were in Chicago for Labor Day weekend, we were able to check another huge item off of our wedding to-do list. What was it, you ask?

We selected our church and our officiate!

We’ll be getting married at Matt’s grandmothers church, which is small but very homey and exactly what I wanted. It reminds me a lot of the church I attended with my grandparents when I was young.


The church has a gorgeous pipe organ which we’ll (hopefully) have played during the ceremony. I dream of walking down the aisle with that thing playing.


All the red banners will be changed out for white, of course.


And I’m thinking some pretty pomanders to hang off of the pews. Simple yet beautiful.


After visiting with the pastor for a while and setting up some dates, we swung over to our reception hall. They recently finished renovating/landscaping the outdoor (private) patio and it’s absolutely gorgeous.



Though this space would be gorgeous for an outdoor ceremony, I really didn’t love how far away and awkward the chairs were setup. It just confirmed that I had made the right decision to not get married out there.


So, with just over 8 months (!) until the big day, things are starting to come together.

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