What, These Guns?

Woot woot! Marathon week!

But let’s back up a little bit first, shall we?

Saturday night Matt and I made an awesome dinner of homemade chili and cornbread – which I had for lunch today. It’s so good – go make it, now.


Sunday I made breakfast – homemade buttermilk pancakes, bacon, eggs. It was delicious. I can’t remember the last time we had a big breakfast at home, and I think it needs to become a regular thing.

We also bought a second large bookcase for our spare bedroom/office/room of crap. Between the two of us we have a lot of books, and they were stacked two deep on the one bookcase we have. Now it looks much better. We also grabbed some pizza for dinner and did some cleaning/unpacking. It’s starting to feel much more homey around here.

Yesterday was a really good day. I subbed in an awesome class and had no problems with the kids. I’m fully engulfed in “marathon mode” and have trouble thinking, focusing, or talking about anything else. I should just keep earbuds in at all times so I won’t have to talk to anyone and make them think I’m crazy.

After school I ran to the mall to find a shirt to wear for the marathon. I know, I know – don’t do anything new for race day. But I have a confession: I do something “new” or “different” from my regular routine for just about every race.

1st 5k – wore brand new socks

1st 13.1 – wore a hydration belt that I’d never worn in training

I’m sure there are more, especially fashion related firsts, that I can’t remember.

I found a couple cute tanks at JCPenney and tweeted for opinions on a highlighter-yellow racer back tank. That was on clearance. For $9. Running clothes don’t get much cheaper than that. I snagged it and a very similar gray one, as well as a lime-green Nike dri-fit tee that was on clearance at the sports store.

Just to be sure that the awesome top didn’t chafe or do anything weird I wore it yesterday while I worked out.


I did shoulders/abs, then headed outside for a nice and easy 4 mile run. I’ve been doing upper body strength training a semi-regular basis for the last few weeks, and I’m actually starting to see some muscle popping up – check out that bicep!

I’m really excited to focus more of my time on lifting now that I’m not running so much. I want to look amazing in both my wedding dress and racer back tanks at the gym. And I’m going to (try) to post my workouts here – sharing is caring, friends.

Your turn: what would you focus more time on if you had it?

4 thoughts on “What, These Guns?

  1. Laura

    Lol this was a good post. I actually used to always buy a new pencil for every major test in school. I think a new item for an event is a great idea. I’m super impressed with your running- I’m going out with the heartland runners today to try it out… and I couldn’t be more nervous, lemme tell you. Good luck on the marathon! hope to see you at lunch on Thursday 🙂

    1. Melissa Post author

      Ooh, maybe I’ll come run tonight – where is the meeting place?

      And I’m not sure about lunch – I have to teach my classes starting at 1:00

      Sent from my iPhone


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